{Book Review} Royally BeSwitched by Molly Snow

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Pages: 170 pages
Publication Date: June 2012 by Breezy Reads
Age Group: Young YA
Source: Author
Series: BeSwitched #3
Challenge(s): Ebook challenge, Young adult reading challenge, 150+ reading challenge,Witches and withcraft challenge, ABC challenge
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Summary(from Goodreads):

Hexed from a small suburb in the U.S. back to 1700’s France, a magical black cat, Surla, and her human crush, Jax Morreau, have no idea what troubles await.
When Jax’s distant relatives, a lowly maidservant and a prince, miss their chance at love, evil gains a stronghold in the Morreau Kingdom. It’s up to the duo from the future to reset the course of love before it’s too late. Surla, the cat, will do anything, including switch bodies with the maidservant, to clean up the royal mess.

If you haven’t heard of this series, check out my reviews for books 1 and 2:
I think these are the perfect books for younger teen girls. This is a YA series, but I think it is younger YA or maybe even a good crossover series from tweens that are moving on from MG. These books are just pure magical fun! Royally BeSwitched picked up right where book 2 left off, with Jax and Surla being sent into the past. And the hijinks ensure from there.

I loved how cute, and upbeat Molly’s books are. I think the second book in the series is my favorite but all three of the books work really well together. They are quick reads, I finished each one in a few hours, and they are just kind of magical fun. They remind me of casper meets wendy. (does anyone else remember that movie? With a young hilary duff)

I liked that Royally BeSwitched had some new characters. I enjoyed getting to know Jax’s family. His ancestors were pretty cute. There is a bit of insta love but it is so fairy tale-esque that it didn’t bother me. The whole book had kind of an old world fairy tale feel too it.

It was a little bit rushed, but I actually think that’s why this book is ideal for younger girls. Maybe aged 12-16. (although I’m much older than 16 and I still enjoyed the book) 🙂 It is a short book and it just flies by. I enjoyed this series. The ending was perfect and sweet. It wrapped things up pretty nicely so i’m not sure if there is going to be another book or not. But I could see a few things with Jax that could still be explored so that will be interesting. What a fun series.

3/5 Gavels

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  1. Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings

    I enjoy reading a book geared toward the younger crowd every once in awhile and this sounds so sweet. I love that is upbeat and magical! Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway!

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