#WWreadathon Day 3 Updates and Challenges

October 23, 2011 Uncategorized 1

Ok so it is day 3 of the Wonderfully Wicked read-a-thon! I have had such a great time these past few days. 


  1.  Last Call by Jennifer Schmidt 
  2. The Temple by Heather Marie Adkins
  3. My Blood Runs Blue by Stacy Eaton
  4. Earth by Shauna Granger– im almost done with this one
  5. Deadly Cool
  6. Shatter Me

I got done with my goal of 6 books! They were all good, but shatter me was AMAZING!! so amazing!

I think for my free books today I am going to read Shatter Me and Deadly Cool. 🙂 

I think I might actually be able to meet my goal! Yay! 

Ok challenge number one- Book in Pictures

Earth by Shauna Granger

Shay is an earth elemental so she can cause earth quakes. And then there is a lot of magic going on in the book which is pretty cool

My blood runs blue

There are vampires in this book and I like to imagine that they are like Eric from True Blood. heheh There is also a love triangle going on! 

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