SiS read-a-thon Report # 1

June 18, 2011 Read-A-Thon 0

It is the end of day one of the SiS read-a-thon. I am going to read some more before bed, but I wanted to get this up tonight, so I will just add those to my day two page/book counts.
  1. First of all, give us an end-of-day status update. Books read, pages read, you know the drill!
    1.  Update: Day 1
    2. Total Books Read:1.5
    3. Total Pages Read:396
    4. Books Read Since Last Update: 0
    5. Pages Read since last update: 84
    6. Total time read: 5.5 hour
    7. What I’m currently reading: Give up the Ghost (I did not finish Tower of Parlen Min- because it was pretty long and it was on my kindle which I would like to save for my car ride home tomorrow. So I switched to a shorter book to read before bed. I will finish up Tower of Parlen Min tomorrow)
    8. How I’m currently feeling: Tired, but I want to keep reading!
  2. What is the favorite thing you have read today? Abandon by Meg Cabot!
  3. Which mini-challenge was your favorite? The create a sentence from book titles.
  4. What has been your favorite thing about the read-a-thon? I love going around to the other blogs and talking to new bloggers about books!
  5. What has been your LEAST favorite thing about the read-a-thon? When real life things get in the way of reading.
  6. Are you on track to meet your goals? no, I am 1.5 books behind. Some unexpected things came up today and it took time away from reading. But I have a 7 hour car ride tomorrow so I should get much more done. 
  7. Will you be participating tomorrow? Do you have any new goals? My new goal is to read 5 books total, instead of the 6. I will be participating tomorrow, and I will be active on twitter but because I will be in a car for most of the day, I don’t know how many of the mini-challenges I will be able to participate in. I should be able to do a few since I am on eastern time though. 
See you tomorrow everyone! Happy Reading!


Michelle @ Book Briefs

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