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I just ordered a Kindle!! I am so excited! I cannot wait for it to get here. Currently I have a few e-books and I have been reading them on my kindle app on my iphone. It is a pain in the butt to read books on that tiny screen, so I am super excited to upgrade to a nice slim kindle!

Please Mr. mailman, bring my kindle right now!!

Michelle @ Book Briefs

3 Responses to “Kindle!!”

  1. Krista

    Congrats Michelle on winning Aine’s giveaway, I’ve been wanting that book, the cover is really cute! Oh, and I hop you love your new kindle, I don’t leave the house without mine

  2. Savs

    Yay! Another book-blogging 1L! Things are winding down a bit for us. We had 6 classes in the fall and 5 until February… but now it’s just about time for finals. I’m sure you can sympathize. I can’t believe you’re trying to read 150 books this year, plus cases! And you’ve already read 43 😮 Go girl!

  3. chelle2006

    6 Classes?! Wow, we have had 5 each semester. We have a week until finals start so people are practically living in the library. It’s crazy. Fun books are my breaks from going crazy reading too many cases. Plus i’m in the final rounds of Moot Court tryouts this weekend so that’s another layer of busy. But I am really liking it all!

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