{Review+Giveaway} Evoked by Olivia Martinez

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{Review+Giveaway} Evoked by Olivia Martinez

{Review+Giveaway} Evoked by Olivia MartinezEvoked by Olivia Martinez
Pages: 244
Published by Olivia Martinez on October 30, 2021

Two impurities that shouldn’t exist. Four opposing factions that all want them dead. Are their powers strong enough to keep them alive?

Valerie Spencer was seven when she learned the earth behaved rather strangely when in her presence. And, though she found it captivating, her parents made a point to keep her gift hidden from the world and even from Valerie herself.

But, after her brother’s mysterious death, Valerie is thrown into a world that she’s been kept from since birth; and in this world, it’s quite impossible to overlook such a gift. So, when her abilities are finally brought to light, Valerie is shocked to find they are received with fear and disgust as opposed to admiration.

You see, in a world where manipulating the elements is essential to one’s survival, Valerie is found to be straddling the line between two rival elements. And, because these elementals are determined to keep their bloodlines pure, Valerie is forced to fight against dismal odds, betrayals, and her very own nature to save herself and those she loves most.

But, when Valerie begins to fall for a man that just so happens to be a cross between two elements himself, she discovers she has made far fewer friends than she once believed….

Content Warnings for Evoked:Suicide, explicit sexual content, nudity, death, reference to past sexual violence, vomit and bodily fluids, swearing, warfare and violence, gore, blood, corpses, homophobia, mental illness, religious shaming, self-harm, depression, and torture.



Today I’m excited to participate in the Bookstagram & Creative Tour for Evoked by Olivia Martinez hosted by MTMC Tours. It’s the first installment in The Ethos Series, an Adult Fantasy Romance full of twists, turns, shocks, and secrets, this story will be sure to hook you in from the very first page. Published on October 30th, 2021!


NA Review My Thoughts

Evoked is the first book in the adult fantasy ethos series and I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait for the next installment. Our main character is Valerie and she quickly learns that her mundane life is a total lie when she is swept into a world hidden in plain sight from humans. Here Valerie learns she is not normal at all. I really enjoyed the magic system and elemental magic in this story.

Valerie is a great main character. She is strong and independent and she doesn’t fall into that trap where she just blindly trusts everything about this new world and magic that she finds herself in. She has a healthy dose of skepticism that I loved to see. There is romance in this book, but I am hoping for even more in the next installment!

Evoked introduces us to four different factions of magic wielders, and the journey that Valerie went on was a lot darker than I was expecting, which I kind of loved! There was also a lot was packed into this shorter length book.

Four feuding magical factions, two forbidden lovers, and one empty coffin… a potentially deadly combination. Evoked is the first installment in The Ethos Series, an Adult Fantasy Romance full of twists, turns, shocks, and secrets, this story will be sure to hook you in from the very first page. I can’t wait for the next book!


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