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are getting hitchedIt is finally almost time for my big book sale! It has taken me longer than I originally expected to  organize and list all of the books for the sale. The good news for that is, I have picked even more books to include in the sale.

I am hoping for the sale to be live on my blog – Friday May 12th

I have a TON of very new hardcovers, paperbacks and mass paperbacks . I also have some older books(including some very large series that have been beloved from my childhood like Sabrina the teenage witch, full house, nancy drew, etc.)


Most of the books are young adult, but some of them are adult, middle grade, and romance. I have a huge range of genres.

Books will be first come first serve. I will be taking email orders in the order I receive them.

I am currently thinking of a price breakdown as follows:

*any of the prices may change*

Newer(2015-2017 release date) hardcovers: $4

Older Hardcovers $3

Newer(2015-2016 release date) paperbacks $3

Older paperbacks $2

mass market paperbacks $1-$2

*Large series will be sold together first at a discounted rate, but if no one wants the entire series, then they will be sold individually*

Shipping will likely be $3 for the first book and, $0.50 for the second book and $0.25 per additional book. They will be shipped media mail with tracking.

At the moment shipping prices are for US only. If I have interest from international buyers,  I will have to calculate that out later.

Payment will be through Paypal or Venmo

I also have a very large collection of ARCs new and old. I am thinking that random orders or orders over a couple of books will get some free ARCs thrown in as a free extra. (you do not have to buy this books or pay shipping on them…they are completely free.) more information on this to come.

@BookBriefs wants to know if you want to buy books at crazy good prices? Let her know. Everyone that replies will get a sneak peak at the books Click To Tweet

If you would like to help me spread the word about the sale, that would be awesome!

If you fill out the form at the end of the post you will be given a sneak peek and first dibs at all of the books. I am going to be doing a preview sale for people that ihave signed up on the form this weekend and early this week, so if you want first dibs on the books, please sign up using that form!

Book Briefs Book Sale

If you are interested in sale, please fill out the following form and let me know what you think and what kind of books you are interested in. As a reward, everyone that puts an email address in the form will be sent a special sneak peak at the books, and will get first dibs on them before they go live on my blog.

If you already signed up, you are still on my form and don’t need to sign up again. 🙂

Book Sale

Michelle @ Book Briefs

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