Bar Exam!

July 28, 2013 Uncategorized 16

Taking the Bar Exam Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, so I will not be around to answer emails or comments until after August 1st.

It’s been a long summer and now I am just ready to kick this exams butt so my life can get back to normal.

Regular posting and reviews will resume in August! Thank you all for bearing with me!

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16 Responses to “Bar Exam!”

  1. NoraA

    Best of luck. What state are you sitting it fore? My niece sat the bar in 4 states so far starting with Illinois,then Massachusetts. I can’t remember the other two, but I think she also did NY.

  2. Laura Thomas

    Knock it out! I’m amazed you’ve been studying for this and still posting on your blog!

    Best of luck and see you after you pass the exam:)

  3. Tina Van Dyn Hoven

    Good Luck! I just graduated from law school in May (but didn’t have to sit for the bar b/c of WI’s diploma privilege). You’ll do great! Glad to find fellow former law student/book blogger out here! (:

    Tina @

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