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To start this post, I am taking just a few moments to thank Michelle for hosting me today. I have been a fan of her blog for a long time now and so it is so nice to be able to post for something for all of her wonderful followers! Today, I am going to be writing all about the blogging community, sharing my thoughts on why it is so stunning.
If there is one thing, aside from having a burning passion for books, that has kept A Daydreamerโ€™s Thoughts alive; it has been the book blogging community. There is something so very special about all of us book bloggers. For one, we all have an overwhelming passion and love for books and in that we all automatically united together. But just because we all like reading, it does not mean that we would easily fall together. This entire community could be a natural disaster as we all try and force our way to the top but as a whole weโ€™re compassionate, and we want everyone else to succeed as much as we want to. Weโ€™re welcoming of newer members and are always ready with tips and tidbits to those who need it.
We may have our share of drama but what communities exist that donโ€™t? What is amazing is how we still stick together when all that drama fades, we grow stronger but we grow together. We are a friendly, excitable, exquisite group of people and I am so glad to be a part of such an amazing community. Together we are a strong unit and it would be a shame for that to all fall apart and so I am crossing my fingers and wishing on all the lucky stars that it never happens. We will have our rough patches, but I still believe that after all weโ€™ve been through just in the one year and a bit Iโ€™ve been blogging, that we can overcome a great many things. And one day, weโ€™ll be a community that people will be dying to join.

But why is having a great community such a great thing?

  • It makes blogging fun. You know that there is likely to be someone out there willing to make you laugh, or to share a joke with you. Someone in a community this big has to have your sense of humour, right?
  • It makes blogging worthwhile. Every post you make is likely to be liked by someone out there. You know that there is an audience ready to take in your words and enjoy them as much as you enjoyed writing them.
  • You feel youโ€™re helping. All those reviews you write and articles you share may seem pointless alone but with a community there, you have a sense that your words will eventually help someone out there.
  • Ample support. This one I am definitely feeling this week, but the blogging community is so supportive of each other and I know that if I ever need help of any kind, there will be someone around that I can turn to.
  • It makes blogging contagious. With all this enthusiastic voices being shared, with a large community of support and kindness, it is impossible to deny how contagious it makes blogging. Of course, everyone wearing a โ€œBlogging is the Bestโ€ tee-shirt is probably a bigger reason for the new blogs…
But Iโ€™m also not the only blogger who believes this community is great! I asked โ€œWhat do you like about the book blogging community?โ€ on facebook and twitter and these are the answers I got;
  • Celine from Nyx Reviews said; Endless book recommendations!
  • Daphne from Winged Reviews said; Making friends with shared interests!
  • Sana from Artsy Musings of a Bibliophile said; Making bookish friends, discovering interesting books to read and of course, the reviews!
  • Ashna from Journal of a Bookworm said; I guess the way bloggers get excited over a book(s) and how itโ€™s so infectious! The enthusiasm, itโ€™s quite influential.
  • Rachel from The Rest is Still Unwritten said; Everything, but I think the book bloggers themselves are what I like the most! I’ve met so many amazing people online through blogging from all over the world that I would never have connected with otherwise.
    They’re all such great people and they make blogging fun! Plus they’re the only people who understand how I can go gaga over a book and talk about it over and over.
So there we have it, the book blogging community is incredible. Donโ€™t you agree? What do you like about it?

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