{Book Review} Emerald Isle by Kate Hinderer

August 11, 2012 Reviews 4

Emerald Isle by Kate Hinderer
Pages: ~350
Publication Date: July 16, 2012
Age Group: YA
Source: Author
Series: Fascination Island #1
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Summary(from Goodreads):
To escape a bad break-up and fighting parents Audyn takes a job as a lifeguard at Fascination Island. The posh five-star resort lives up to its name in every way, including the strange rules the owner has about entering the water at night. Despite declaring it a boy-free summer, it isn’t long before the shy, endearing Levi and the mysterious, tattooed Tristan begin vying for her attention. When Levi tries to push his advantage and Tristan comes to the rescue, Audyn realizes there is more to both these boys and the island they inhabit. Suddenly, she’s forced to acknowledge a reality she’d never considered and to pick a side in the conflict that has been waging for decades.

Emerald Isle is such an intriguing story that once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop. I don’t even know what I liked more- the actual plot line and twists and turns or the wonderful romance. All I know is that this was a book that I just did not want to end. Ever.

Audyn got on my nerves at first. Not something you thought I would say since I just proclaimed my love for Emerald Isle, huh? Just hear me out. She knew she was hot stuff and she seemed almost cocky about it at the start of the book. She declared a “boys free summer” and right away all the guys at the resort were falling all over her. Not only was she not surprised that they all liked her- she expected it. Then she met Levi and another layer of herself was revealed. I liked her more. Then she met Tristan and I really got to know the true Audyn and she is nothing like my initial impression of her! I really liked her. She can be vulnerable and sweet and nice and she is such a selfless person. I loved watching her character develop and unfold as the story went on.

Let’s be honest- with all the guys at the resort liking her and then with Levi and Tristan showing up out of no where, I knew this book was not going to be anything near a boy free summer. And I was right. There are guys galore, but I only had eyes for Tristan. I liked him almost immediately. Same thing with his little sister. She sure is a spitfire!

I thought the plot twist- this war that the summary speaks about was awesome! I loved learning about the history and about everything really. I’m not going to tell you what it is but it really wasn’t some big secret- I had it figured out pretty early on. Well, the basics anyways.

The best thing about Emerald Isle is that it just keeps getting better and better as you read it. It just keeps growing and growing. I can’t wait to see what Kate is going to do with the next book. I would love it to be about tristan some more! The romance in this book is one of my favorites of the year. The only thing I didn’t like was the ending. I was just hopping it would go another way. The ending that happened was nice and I liked it, but I would have liked something else a lot more. And the problem is that I had it in my head that I wanted “X” to happen and then “Y” happened. I am still holding out hope that there is going to be a twist in the next book and I will get my way with how the story will go. Really, I just want to experience the magical romance that Kate Hinderer created! I loved it!

Has anyone else read the book? Do you know what kind of ending I was hoping for? I just don’t want to be alone in this haha Let me know!

4.5/5 gavels
About the author:
Kate is a journalist by profession. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications. She started writing stories and novelettes in 7th grade. Her teachers thought she was copiously taking notes, but really she was penning stories about her classmates. That passion only increased in high school. The stories became longer and the passion for writing was deeply ingrained. As a junior she resurrected her school’s student-run newspaper and opted to pursue a journalism career to harness her love for writing into a payable profession. Still, the stories never stopped flowing.

Kate Hinderer
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4 Responses to “{Book Review} Emerald Isle by Kate Hinderer”

  1. Lisa ~ Bookworm Lisa

    I really liked this book too! It was a surprise for me, because I really didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. I was also surprised with the X and Y ending. With so much emphasis on what happens with the X kind of thing. Don’t want to give spoilers anyway. Great review.

  2. Beckie

    I have never heard of this book n to be honest if I saw it on a book shelf I wouldn’t pick it up with. Hat cover and title. I no that’s wrong of me but that’s just what I am like. After reading your awesome review I would def read this book! I know I would like it! A boy ban summer like a book ban summer, as soon as you say ban or no then loads are gonna appeal to you etc lol. I love it when during a book your opinion of the protagonist changes, oh and I like twists even if predictable. But I hate ending that are just a bit meh and when what I want to happen doesn’t. I hope the next book links and makes sense of the ending. I think I will wait until her next book it out and read both. Thanks for this xx

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