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Today I have a scene about forbidden love for you and a giveaway for a copy of Royally BeSwitched. Also, be sure to check out my review of Royally BeSwitched in the post right below this one 🙂 

Forbidden Love (Part 2)

I did a guest post on Forbidden Love at Sapphyria’s Book Reviews [insert link], where I talked about a true forbidden love story of my own—Getting with my brother’s best friend. Today, at Book Briefs, I am sharing an excerpt from Royally BeSwitched, which has a theme of Forbidden Love. Not only is it taboo for a prince to be in love with a peasant, but a magical cat to be in love with a human (and vice versa).
Here is a scene where Jax comes to visit Surla in the dungeon, because she made a big mistake after switching bodies with the maidservant:
That evening, as the moon replaced the sun in the sky, and darkness encompassed the dungeon, to where Surla could hardly see a thing, her tears dried up and she could cry no more. She used her shoulders to wipe at her face and she had changed positions in the dirt numerous times, trying to find comfort.
The creaking of the dungeon’s door opening startled her. She was too afraid to look up. Death wasn’t an unreasonable punishment, she considered, for people back then. Would she be hung? Placed on a guillotine? Beheaded?
She heard soft footsteps approach, until they stopped right in front of her. She still didn’t look up. She felt the presence sit next to her and an arm went around her back while another wrapped around her front. The scent was familiar and the embrace was warm and enticing.
“I wish I could hug you back,” she said.
“I wish you could, too,” he said.
“I can hardly see you…”
He then brushed his cheek against hers. She felt with a thrill the soft prickles of his barely-there facial hair. She rubbed her face against his in return, feeling his jaw line and cheekbones. They did that over and over, feeling each others’ face with their own. His hot breath against her cheeks was thrilling and she wanted to kiss him.
“I’m imagining we can be together, Jax.”
“That’s what I’m imagining.” He lifted his hands and stroked his fingers through her hair as he pressed his forehead to hers.
“How did you get in here?”
“One of my friends.”
“Can you have them unlock me?”
“We’re not that close of friends, to where they would risk their own lives.”
“…I understand.”
“You smell nice.” He buried his nose in her hair, taking in the fragrance.
“Yes, at least I smell nice.” She let out a pitiful laugh.
He felt for her hands and held them warmly in his. “I will protect you. I won’t let any harm come your way.”
With those words sinking into her heart, Surla nestled herself the best she could against his chest. He rested his chin against the top of her head as she listened to the beat of his heart. She soon fell asleep in his embrace.

Royally BeSwitched by Molly Snow (BeSwitched #3)

Hexed from a small suburb in the U.S. back to 1700’s France, a magical black cat, Surla, and her human crush, Jax Morreau, have no idea what troubles await.
When Jax’s distant relatives, a lowly maidservant and a prince, miss their chance at love, evil gains a stronghold in the Morreau Kingdom. It’s up to the duo from the future to reset the course of love before it’s too late. Surla, the cat, will do anything, including switch bodies with the maidservant, to clean up the royal mess.

About this author

Molly Snow, Founder of BreezyReads.com, wrote BeSwitched when she was just sixteen. As a bestselling author’s personal assistant at age twenty, she decided to do what her boss did and self publish. At age twenty-three, BeSwitched made its debut. Snow is married to her high school crush, has a set of silly twin boys and a bob-tailed cat named Meow-Meow.

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