{Book Review} Atticus for the Undead by John Abramowitz

January 19, 2012 Reviews 1

Atticus for the Undead by John Abramowitz

ebook, 105 pages
Published by On the Bird 2011
Source: Author
Challenges: None
Age group: Adult
Summary(from Goodreads):

The novel is called Atticus for the Undead. It centers around an idealistic young attorney, Hunter Gamble, who works in a very special area of the practice — arcane defense. Twelve years ago, the world discovered through an event called The Unveiling that vampires, werewolves, zombies, and other creatures previously thought purely mythical were, in fact, real. This changed the fabric of American life in a number of ways, not least of which — they needed somebody to go to court for them! And so, with the help of shy-but-energetic research attorney Kirsten Harper, Hunter sets out to make the world a better place — one arcane client at a time. (Don’t call them supernaturals, it’s rude!) 
When a young zombie walks into Hunter’s office accused of murder (by brain-eating, of course), Hunter must navigate a complex web of political, legal, and cultural obstacles to secure the man’s freedom — if he can.

Atticus for the undead is a totally different book than I am used to reading, so I didn’t really know what to expect out of it. I was intrigued because I wanted to see how the paranormal elements would blend with the law elements. The result was pretty cool! I thought it was really interesting to read about legal concepts and things that I’m learning in school, and it still has zombies and witches and other cool creatures. (I wouldn’t dare call them supernaturals after reading the book) Sign me up please!

I thought Atticus for the Undead is a really cool concept. It’s about a lawyer that represents vampires, zombies and witches to name a few. The characters were all well developed and likable. Hunter, the main character, is representing a Zombie and naturally most people are not comfortable with zombies walking around. So Hunter has his work cut out for him. It doesn’t help that the charge was murder by brain-eating, I’m sure. I loved him! He was funny, and so relatable. That might have been what made the ending such a blow for me.

I breezed through this book really quickly. It just flies along, and it kept my interest for every page! I was so absorbed in the book that I didn’t even realize the end was coming up. Then the ending exploded and I was shocked! It made me so sad- really sad! It was fitting for the book, but it just wasn’t what I wanted to happen or what I was expecting at all. Even so, Atticus for the Undead is a really interesting, and funny read. I enjoyed it a lot.

Let me know what you think of it!

3.5/5 Gavels
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