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December 16, 2011 Reviews 2

Keridan’s Journey by Michelle Peterson
Paperback266 pages
Published February 8th 2011 by WBD Books 
Age Group: Adult/YA crossover
Source: Publisher
Summary (from Goodreads)

Project manager by day and artist by night, Keridan Patrick’s simple world ended with the death of her mother. The father she never knew showed up after twenty-five years and introduced her to a new world cloaked in secrecy and myth. 
While fighting to keep some semblance of normalcy to her suddenly unpredictable world, she chanced to meet the mysterious Sahaj. Sahaj had ran for hundreds of years from the one soul he was destined to be with but was transfixed by the one he could not live without. 

Would old flames and new enemies stand in the way of love?

I really liked the concept of this book. Sirens are fascinating and I have not read very much about them at all. Keridan finds out that she is half Siren right at the beginning of the book. While it is not a unique I idea to find out during your teenage years/early 20s that you are really some sort of mythical creature, it is a plot line that I love. So I was really excited to dive right into this book.

I loved the mystery surrounding Keridan’s heritage, but it all seemed a little rushed to me. I was ok with the sudden-ness of her mom’s death and her dad showing up out of no where after because it was required that way in his world, but then the other things did not have nearly as good of reasons. For example, Keridan’s dad mentioned that Keridan should meet her aunts (that she had never heard of before) and then one page later, without any explanation or description, Keridan was rushing home to confide in her aunt’s who had suddenly moved into her house. It was just a little rushed for me. I would have liked for a bit more foundation to have been laid in the earlier stages of the story.

I really liked the guys in Keridan’s life. Her best friend was awesome and I totally wanted her to show some sort of interest in him. I just felt bad because he was such a good friend and so nice. Sahaj was a really interesting character and he was probably the best developed character in the whole book. He was the only one we got any sort of real backstory on. I enjoyed finding out about his past. For most of the book, I was wondering if he actually liked Keridan or if it was because of her Siren powers. It just all came on so suddenly.

Overall, I really liked the initial concept of the book but the execution of it fell short of my expectations. The elements of a good story are there- cool idea, and a good love interest element, and good mystery surrounding it all but it was not well developed as I had hoped. It was a little rushed and didn’t hold my interest. I had a hard time finishing this book. However, the love story is something that people might really enjoy. So if you read this book and had a different opinion of it, or if you have a glowing review let me know in the comments and Ill put a link to it. 🙂

2/5 Gavels

If you have read this book, please let me know your thoughts in the comments. Thanks!

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