Bout of Books Read-A-Thon Wrap up

August 29, 2011 Read-A-Thon 2

First of all, I would like to send a big thanks out to Amanda @ On a Book Bender for hosting such a great read-a-thon. I had such a great time talking with everyone on twitter and getting to know other bloggers. Unfortunately, I did not have as much time to read as I had originally hoped. I had to pack up and move up to school and then move my sister into a new apartment, as well as doing my law readings for my first day of classes. That left next to no free time for fun readings. I only managed to get 3 books done. 3 out of my original goal of 9 is not so great. Maybe I was a little over enthusiastic when I made my goals for the read-a-thon. hehe But still, I had such a great time. I would do this read-a-thon again in a heartbeat! 

Books to Knock Out

  • The Last Rising by Rachel Firasek
  • The Beast Call by Anne Tibbets
  • Ordained by Devon Ashley
  • Untouchable by John Galligan
  • The Jackpot by David Kazzie
  • Gypsy Knights by Rhett and Lafe Metz
  • 314 Crescent Manor by M. Jones
  • The poisoned House by Michael Ford
  • The New England Witches Chronicles by Chelsea Bellingeri

Michelle @ Book Briefs

2 Responses to “Bout of Books Read-A-Thon Wrap up”

  1. Christy

    You should review your law reading. I bet it’s really engaging. 😉 Hey, at least you tried to reach your goal, I didn’t even participate. Maybe next time.

  2. Amanda @ On a Book Bender

    I think you should consider the readathon a success, despite only finishing 3 of 9 books. I’ve been there/done that with the first week of school, and it is BRUTAL. That you were able to finish 3 books during that time is awesome! 🙂

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