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Jul 15
{Review} Undercover Empath: Kindred Demon by @RaShelleWorkman  @CuriosityQuills

{Review} Undercover Empath: Kindred Demon by @RaShelleWorkman @CuriosityQuills

Undercover Empath: Kindred Demon is the first book in the New Adult paranormal series, Undercover Empath. I really like how well the covers of the series go together. They are almost identical but in different colors. And they are each really pretty. It follows detective Rose Hansen who can determine anyone’s intentions with the slightest brush of her hand. It is a gift that Rose shies away from, but it is really useful in her chosen profession. I really enjoyed Kindred Demon. It is a super quick read, but I thought Rashelle Workman did a really good job with the paranormal elements in the story. They were very upfront and in your face. I also really liked the mystery surrounding Rose’s parents and the bio facility that I am sure is going to play a much larger role in future books. Romance was not really in the forefront of this book. It was focused more on introducing the world and characters, and surprisingly, I was ok with that. because I… Read more »