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Welcome to my stop on the Best Kind of Broken blog tour
I am super excited to have Chelsea Fine here today for a really fun interview, teasers from her book and a giveaway.
I loved Best Kind of Broken, be sure to stop back later to check out my review. (it should be up today or tomorrow) Smilegraydivider
Best Kind of Broken
by Chelsea Fine 
ebook, 336 pages
Published March 4th 2014 by Forever
Age Group: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Pixie and Levi haven’t spoken in nearly a year when they find themselves working―and living―at the same inn in the middle of nowhere. Once upon a time, they were childhood friends. But that was before everything went to hell. And now things are… awkward.
All they want to do is avoid each other, and their past, for as long as possible. But now that they’re forced to share a bathroom, and therefore a shower, keeping their distance from one another becomes less difficult than keeping their hands off each other. Welcome to the hallway of awkward tension and sexual frustration, folks. Get comfy. It’s going to be a long summer.


1) Describe Best Kind of Broken in a tweet (140 characters or less)
Two childhood friends, torn apart by tragedy, but after being forced to share a bathroom all summer, are brought back together by love.
2) What is it that attracted you to the New Adult genre?
The age group of the characters, mostly. I like stories about those lost years in between high school and real adulthood. The time in your life where you find your identity and make decisions about what you want to be and who you want to love. And the new adult genre is all about those pivotal years.
3. If I promise not to tell that you picked a “favorite”, will you share which is your favorite character from all of your books?

Haha. I love this question! And I totally have an answer. The character I had the most fun writing—and to this day makes me smile when I think about her—is Heather from my Archers of Avalon series. She’s happy and annoying and snarky and I just love her to pieces. She reminds me a lot of myself, which could be a bad thing since she’s a little crazy, but she was super entertaining to create and develop.
4. What are some trends in YA/NA that you are loving right now?
Ooh! Another great question! I really like plotlines that involve independent female characters that aren’t fragile or pure. I like tough girls, snarky girls—girls that don’t need a man, but want one anyway. 😉
5. What do you do when you have the dreaded writers block?
I throw on some music and go running. Running helps me think and music helps me create. J
6. What is something we would be surprised to learn about Levi?

As a handyman, he really hates fixing chandeliers. He thinks they’re gaudy and serve no purpose other than driving him crazy with their hundreds of tangled wires.
7. If we looked under your bed right now, what would we find?
Haha. A big fat scrapbook I made about my senior year of high school. (I attached a picture.) So nerdy, I know. But senior year was really fun for me so I’m happy I have all those pictures and memories in one place as a reminder.
Senior Year Scrapbook

Chelsea Fine HeadshotChelsea lives in Phoenix, Arizona where she spends most of her time writing stories, painting murals, and avoiding housework at all costs. She’s ridiculously bad at doing dishes and claims to be allergic to laundry. Her obsessions include: superheroes, coffee, sleeping-in, and crazy socks. She lives with her husband and two children, who graciously tolerate her inability to resist teenage drama on TV and her complete lack of skill in the kitchen.

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