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The Design of the Tower of Parlen Min/Beltry’s Way
Hi everyone, an uber thanks to Michelle for having me on her blog for a guest post, I’m humbles and excited to be here …

Today I want to talk about the Tower of Parlen Min, the title setting of the first book in The Narrow Escapes of Ves Asirin series. In the fictional world of Everlon, the Tower is located in the Western Europan country of Machus Ina, in the district of Meden. It was built in 1835 as wedding gift from Lord Ise’id, the first Emperor of the Opus Empra, to Morbilius Trent and his wife, Beltry Lianor and was designed by Elardor Reed. It is currently the home of Jacobius Trent, the most famous living inventor and the wealthiest man in the world. The Tower’s monolithic exterior design has been altered over the years by each of the Trent heirs in their generation. In it’s latest iteration, can be described as a cross between a 16th century gothic building and a modern 21st century skyscrapper, built of black marble, silver and steel. It has 25 floors, which are separated into three wings, and has over 300 rooms including numerous secret halls, rooms, chambers and passages. The Tower yard includes a small airport, a cloister and maze, a greenhouse and garden, a warehouse, an observatory, a small dam, a beachhouse and a lighthouse by the sea. The 13th floor of the Tower serves as the headquaters of  the Trent Industries’ Alsa Labs, where all of Jacobius Trent’s inventions are designed, prototyped and tested. Perhaps the most recognised defining element of the Tower’s architecture is Beltry’s Way. Located on the Tower’s right side, Beltry’s Way is a series numorous antique and ancient staircases of myriad designs and makes —stone, marble, wood, steel, silver, gold and glass—spiralling and intertwining all the way up the Tower to the very top of a skylight ceiling. The structral construction and assembly of the staircases were modled after a rare strand of what resembles angelic DNA found in all decendants of Beltry Lianor.
 Though Beltry’s Way can be used to reach every floor in Tower and is the only way to reach Beltry’s Vault (where a generous portion of the Trent fortune and treasures are secretly stored) and Beltry’s Sanctum (a beautiful and exotic court and garden on Tower’s rooftops), it is seldom used as it is considered a priceless work or art and, like the Tower itself, is one of Machus Ina’s greatest landmarks.  

Cheers and thanks for readin’ Matt 

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