Review- The Poisoned House by Michael Ford

September 4, 2011 Reviews 7

The Poisoned House by Michael Ford

Published September 1, 2011 by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Age Group: YA
Source: NetGalley
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Summary (from Goodreads)

The year is 1856, and orphan Abigail Tamper lives below stairs in Greave Hall, a crumbling manor house in London. Lord Greave is plagued by madness, and with his son Samuel away fighting in the Crimea, the running of Greave Hall is left to Mrs Cotton, the tyrannical housekeeper. The only solace for the beleaguered staff is to frighten Mrs Cotton by pretending the house is haunted. 
So when a real ghost makes an appearance – that of her beloved mother – no one is more surprised than Abi. But the spirit has a revelation that threatens to destroy Abi’s already fragile existence: she was murdered, and by someone under their very own roof. With Samuel returned to England badly wounded, it’s up to Abi to nurse him back to health, while trying to discover the identity of the killer in their midst. As the chilling truth dawns, Abi’s world is turned upside down.

I could not put this book down! I read it all in one shot. I started pretty late at night because it was supposed to be a kind of spooky mysterious ghost story, so I wanted to set the mood by reading it at night. But because it was late at night, I was tired. I didn’t think I would make it past page 20.

Well, page 20 came and went so quickly and before I knew it, I had stayed awake to read the whole book! That’s how much I loved it.

I felt like I was there in the house with everyone, trying to figure out what happened along with them. I could easily see this as one of those murder mystery type movies that I would be riveted to the entire time.

Even though the whodunit was not too hard to figure out, it was still really interesting watching it get pieced together. The Poisoned House is just spooky enough to make jump a few times and definitely interesting enough to keep you reading! I was on the edge of my seat for the whole book.

Anyone that likes murder mysteries or suspense books needs to pick up The Poisoned House. It was creepy and riveting. I loved it!

4/5 Gavels.

Michelle @ Book Briefs

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  1. wordsthatfly

    Oh wow! Reading this one right now. I’ve put it down at night though because I’m like uh yeah I need to be able to sleep thanks very much. Lol.

  2. Rebecca

    Wow! This sure sounds awesome! I wanted to read this real bad before, but that’s nothing compared to now! I need it now. o: I’m glad you enjoyed it so much. I love books you get hooked on but don’t expect too!

    Kindle Fever

  3. Jessica@a GREAT read

    Returning to answer a question you had at my blog in my Teaser post, I don’t have a blog button unfortunately. I know I need to get one, buy money’s kinda tight for me right now since I don’t have a job. Hope to remedy both those factoids soon! Hopefully!

  4. Brodie

    Ooh this sounds good! I haven’t read a good murdery mystery/whodunnit in AGES. And I’m really in the mood for more spooky books lately, so I’m definitely going to be checking this out! Great review!

    Aw and thanks so much for your blog comment! I literally JUST made one, because other people have asked me the same so I figured I should finally get around to it. Cue my mad cut-from-header-because-I’m-not-creative-enough-for-anything-else skills and tada 🙂 I’ve added the html code to the sidebar of my blog if you still want to grab it.

  5. Mary

    I saw this one on NetGalley but didn’t request it because I wasn’t sure… I’m going to have to read it now! Great review — I’m on a mystery/spooky book kick.
    Mary @ BookSwarm

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