{Review} Hunted by Darkness by Carrie Ann Ryan

September 19, 2022 Adult, Blog Tours, Reviews 0 ★★★★

{Review} Hunted by Darkness by Carrie Ann RyanHunted in Darkness (Aspen Pack Book 2) by Carrie Ann Ryan
on September 19, 2022
Series: Aspen Pack #2
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, shifter
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The Aspen Pack series from NYT Bestselling Carrie Ann Ryan continues with a fated romance that was never supposed to happen.

Skye Jamenson-Anderson knows the legacy she must live up to. She’s the daughter of warriors and the granddaughter of the late Alphas who sacrificed everything so their den could survive. Though she feels she doesn’t have a place in her Pack, she does everything in her power to keep them and their allies alive—including saving the Aspen Alpha.

As Alpha of the Aspen Pack, Chase Leyne knows a thing or two about one’s legacy. He’s the son of a traitor and the most powerful wolf in his territory. He also knows without a doubt that Skye is not his mate. When the two decide to lean on another in every way possible, they both go in knowing nothing forever can come out of it.
The enemy is stepping up their game and threaten the stability of the alliance forged in blood. With one bite, Chase and Skye’s world changes, and the one thing that is keeping them apart might be the only promise to save their Packs and their future.

Also in this series: Mated in Chaos (Aspen Pack, #3)


My Thoughts

Hunted in Darkness is the second book in the adult paranormal romance series called Aspen Pack by Carrie Ann Ryan. Though this is the second book in the series, it can be read by itself, because each of the books follows a different couple. While I didn’t have any trouble picking up and diving into this world, I think I might recommend reading the books in order because you will learn more background on the various packs and the ties and issues between them. Not reading book one didn’t hinder my ability to read and enjoy book 2, but I do kind of wish I had read them in order because I can tell there is a plot thread that was continued from the first book and will continue on in the next book. I am going to check out book one very soon because I really enjoyed Hunted in Darkness. I loved the characters and the world, and I can’t wait to dive back into it.

Hunted in Darkness is the story of Skye and Chase. Skye is the pack princess of the Redwood Pack, though she hasn’t really ever felt like she 100% belongs because she is never really sure where she falls within pack hierarchy. She is good friends with Chase, the newly appointed pack Alpha of the Aspen Pack. The last Alpha- Chase’s father, was a bad dude and caused a lot of problems for the packs in the area, and Chase is still dealing with the fallout of all of that. Chase and Skye work great together, but Chase is totally determined to not start anything with Skye. I never really understood his motivations on that front, but it did make for good tension between the two of them, because they were clearly attracted to one another. I really enjoyed them trying to fight there fates so to speak.

Skye and Chase work really well together, which is good because there is a ton of action happening all around them. I really admired that neither one is too shy to jump right in and get their paws dirty. Skye and Chase are both pretty positive that they are not each other’s mates, but for me there was no doubt! I loved the two of them together, and their story was great! This is a great series if you are a fan of fated mates, shifter romances and possessive heroes. I can’t wait to read the other books in the Aspen Pack series!


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