{Review} The Matchbreaker Summer by Annie Rains

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{Review} The Matchbreaker Summer by Annie RainsThe Matchbreaker Summer by Annie Rains
Pages: 304
Published by Underlined on April 5, 2022

A pitch-perfect summer camp rom-com about two teens with nothing in common who come together to help break up a romance and unexpectedly start one of their own
Sixteen-year-old Paisley Manning has been attending Camp Seabrook since she was a little girl, when her parents ran it together. For the last few years, since her father’s death, she’s been the one helping her mom run the camp behind the scenes. This year, however, will be Camp Seabrook’s last hurrah because Paisley’s mom has met a guy online and they’re getting married.
Enter Hayden Bennett, who is working alongside Paisley. Paisley and Hayden are like oil and water. She follows the rules, and he seems to live to break them all. But when Hayden catches wind of Paisley's predicament, he has an idea. If a matchmaker in some computer algorithm caused the issue, a couple of real-life matchbreakers can fix it.
As they work to break up the happy couple, Paisley discovers that maybe Hayden's not so bad after all. Has she met her own perfect match in her fellow matchbreaker?
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My Thoughts

The Matchbreaker Summer is a young adult contemporary summer novel by @annierainsbooks . This book was super cute and I think it would appeal to young adult contemporary readers of all ages. This summer camp was a super cute trip down romance (and maybe breakup) lane. If you are a fan of cute light reads in a sleepaway camp setting, then check out The Matchbreaker Summer. This was a super quick read that was totally adorable and made me want to go back to summer camp.

In The Matchbreaker Summer, we meet our main character Paisley, who loves Camp Seabrook so much! It is her family owned summer camp, and she sees it as the last piece of her dad. So when her mom announces at the start of summer that they are all going to move across the country to be near her boyfriend’s sick mother, and they are going to sell the camp. Paisley is less than pleased, but she is determined to make the most out of her last summer at camp, but when she runs into her school nemesis (at least on her side) all bets are off. Hayden is adorable, and the poor guy doesn’t even know that he is Paisley’s enemy.

Watching the two of them get closer during the summer was the highlight of the story for me. It also added in another element to the story, which is where the title comes in. Hayden is a bit of a troublemaker (though not really) and he teams up with Paisley to try and break up her mom and her boyfriend. Hayden thinks that if they break up, then problem solved, Paisley will not need to move away or the school year.  I will admit that Paisley annoyed me a time or two with a couple of immature moments, but I had to keep reminding myself that she is really young so they were not totally immature for her age. But in the end she won me over. This book is a super cute summer romance that is perfect for ya readers.



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