{Review} Scammer Girl by Michelle Dayton

January 26, 2022 Adult, Reviews 1

{Review} Scammer Girl by Michelle Dayton

{Review} Scammer Girl by Michelle DaytonScammer Girl (Tech-nically Love, #2) by Michelle Dayton
Published by Tule Publishing on January 18, 2022

Technology complicates everything, including love.
Five years ago, Jo Harper did a bad thing. Dumped, injured, and in crippling debt, Jo did what any desperate woman with a PhD in psychology and above-average computer skills would: become an elite, undetectable online romance scammer. Now Jo and her team of four young women bring in enough cash to keep them securely afloat. Their targets? Married cheaters.
Jamie March, Bay Area royalty known as “The Conscience of Silicon Valley,” hates every aspect of online crime, especially those who defraud people. And when it appears that his brother is the victim of a sophisticated romance scam, he can’t stand idly by.
What’s weird though, is that when Jo and Jamie meet…they don’t hate one another. Not at all. He makes her laugh and feel alive again. She challenges his intellect like no other. But they can’t trust one another, right? And you can’t fall in love with someone you don’t trust—or can you?



My Thoughts

Scammer Girl is the second book in the adult contemporary romance series, called Tech-nically Love, by Michelle Dayton. Each of the books in the series act as standalone novels, but there is a some character overlap. But you can read the books in any order you would like. I was so thoroughly charmed by Scammer Girl that I can’t wait to read the rest of the books set in this world. I will be checking out book one next!

Scammer Girl has such an interesting premise, and follows a refreshingly different plot line that I loved every bit of the story. In Scammer Girl, we meet our main character, Jo- who runs a successful online  woman owned and run business.  Sounds awesome, right? Well, what If I told you the business was a catfish-esque dating scam company (with greyish- morals?) Sure, they target rich men and pretend to date them to con them out of money, but they only pick guys who are cheating a-holes. When one of her employees find a rich guy of her own and goes off script, Jo’s carefully crafted world starts to slowly crumble. Because this particular rich guy is linked to another rich guy that Jo met one night in a bar. Someone who happens to be Jamie March, Bay Area royalty known as “The Conscience of Silicon Valley. The unique premise of the story is that Jamie learns about Jo’s “business” pretty early on in the story. It was not some big secret that doesn’t get revealed until 80% into the book after they have been dating for months. I thought that was such a unique twist on the common plotline of this type of “secret” story. I loved it. And I loved Jamie and Jo together. They were so cute and nerdy and perfect that I couldn’t help but root for them hardcore.

If you are a fan of techy rom-coms, Scammer Girl is a book you don’t want to miss. I stayed up way too late reading this one because I just didn’t want to stop. It is everything I want a rom-com to be!


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