{Release Day Review} THE MIND WITCH by Nicole Demery

March 1, 2021 Adult, New Adult, Reviews 0 ★★★★

{Release Day Review} THE MIND WITCH by Nicole DemeryThe Mind Witch by Nicole Demery
Pages: 71
Published by Raglan Publishing on March 1, 2021
Series: The Magi #1
Genres: New Adult, adult, Fantasy & Magic
Source: eARC from Author

A wayward seeress. An arrogant wizard. A mysterious box that just might be Pandora’s—and contain a secret the fae world has been seeking for hundreds of years.

My plan was simple and…mostly ordinary. Finish my PhD. Teach Celtic mythology in a tiny college town. Stop hearing the thoughts and feelings of every person I happen meet.

As a wayward seer just coming into her powers, I couldn’t avoid the last one.But the first two were just within my reach when sorcerer-particle physicist Jonathan Lynch appeared one chilly winter morning along two other shocks:

The death of my grandmother, the most powerful seer in a generation;And the mysterious box she protected, which just might have belonged to Pandora.

Suddenly I was tangled in a secret that had been unraveling for years, and my unruly talents and complicated inheritance were at the heart of it all.

Ordinary life would have to wait. The extraordinary was coming for me after all.

A hot debut series in the tradition of Deborah Harkness, Diana Gabaldon, and Anne Rice weaves magic, scholarship, and romance for readers who crave a little adventure.

Mind the cliff, but not to worry. Part two is coming in just a few weeks!

NA Review My Thoughts

The Mind Witch is the first book in the new adult/adult fantasy series called The Magi series by author Nicole Demery. I really, really enjoyed The Mind Witch. I thought it was a fantastic start to a series that I think is going to be a fascinating read. I can’t wait for more in the Magi series. This book was a novella, which is not something I realized when I picked it up and I was actually pretty bummed with how short it was. The kindle version of this book was 71 pages so I flew through it in about 40 minutes, and it just wasn’t enough time with the characters and the story. I will talk more about that later on, but overall, I loved the story setup, and this is a series that I definitely want to continue on with.

In the Mind Witch, we meet our main character Cassandra, who is a seer (sometimes referred to as a witch). I really liked Cassandra, and I found myself starting to feel bad for her that she didn’t complete her training with her grandmother before going away to school because her powers seem a bit unrestrained and can have awful sounding consequences for her. I expect that we will learn more about her seer powers as well as the powers of other magical creatures like sirens, fae, sorcerers and werewolves to name a few. I am so excited to learn more about this world and just what is going on with the mysterious guy, who also happens to be a sorcerer. I think this series has so many awesome secrets and characters for us to discover, because I already love the characters we have met. Nicole Demery does a great job allowing the reader the get drawn in to what is happening with the characters. I need to know what is going on with that crazy box too. I can’t wait to find out.

The Mind Witch is a really cool setup, but because this was just a novella I feel like it was only a teaser for the series. I am really, really really hoping that all of the other books are going to be full length novels and that this one was just to lay the groundwork and for us to get a glimpse into who the characters were and the world they live in. I couldn’t find out page length information on the second or third book, but it does mention that this is the first book in the  Magi series, not Magi serials so I am really hopeful that it will be ultimately a series of full length novels and not novellas. If it is going to be novellas then I think I might have to wait until a few of the books are released so I can read them back to back and trick my mind into thinking they are a full length story. (am I the only one like that?) The length of the book was my only negative. I loved the story, the characters, the world and the writing. It was just too darn short for me and having to read the book in 70 page increments would probably annoy me because it’s simply not enough time for things to happen with the amount of detail I prefer. Other than the length, this was a great book and I can see this being a 5 star series if the rest of the novels are full length. If you are a fan of fantasies, The Mind Witch is a great start to what seems to be a very promising series.


Michelle @ Book Briefs

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