{Review+Giveaway} The CAIT LENNOX: FEMME FATALE Series by Roderick Donald

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{Review+Giveaway} The CAIT LENNOX: FEMME FATALE Series by Roderick Donald

{Review+Giveaway} The CAIT LENNOX: FEMME FATALE Series by Roderick DonaldThe Awakening: Urban Fiction with a Paranormal Twist (Cait Lennox: Femme Fatale Series Book 1) by Roderick Donald
Pages: 385
Published by Independently published on July 8, 2019
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Source: eARC from Author

A violent bashing; a life destroyed. But why has such an obscure occurrence touched so many lives?

When twenty-three-year-old Cait’s lover is brutally and randomly murdered, this violent assault has far-reaching effects not only for Cait, but also for her baby boomer parents, their close friends and business acquaintances, plus their millennial children.
In her darkest moments, Cait’s shamanic mother introduces her daughter to the Otherworld, a Druidic realm that parallels the world around us. Cait’s ancient bloodline whispers to her enticingly from the other side, bestowing amazing paranormal powers of insight and perception upon her—the power of The Gift.

But will Cait accept this strange multi-dimensional world? Or is it just New Age mumbo-jumbo?

The Awakening is a contemporary urban adventure peppered with a touch of the paranormal. It’s an insightful tale about family, friendship, love, sex, beliefs, and personal growth. It follows Cait’s personal journey, along with that of her family and close friends as they change, grow, and adapt to the challenges placed in front of them after this random and senseless attack.

This must-read tale is the scene setter for Cait's later exciting adventures as her amazing paranormal powers of insight and perception grow and develop.

Start reading the first book in this exciting series today!

My Thoughts

The CAIT LENNOX: FEMME FATALE Series  is an urban fantasy series by Roderick Donald. The series is taglined as Urban Fiction with a Paranormal Twist. The series currently has three books released, however; this review is for the first book in the series (which could also be considered a full length prequel to the series) called The Awakening. The Awakening gives the readers a lot of useful background information on the events leading up to our main character getting her “gift”. It is literally about the awakening of the powers she will have. I felt like the plot was a bit too slow in parts, and overall I found this to be a decent read but it didn’t blow me away. I am still interested in reading the next book, but it will have to pick up the pace a bit to keep my interest.

It was an interesting start to the series, but I kind of wish our main character, Cait, got the gift of her powers earlier in the book. I felt like most of the book I was waiting for the paranormal aspect to pop up. So it was a bit of a slow build, and even by the end of the book Cait is still pretty skeptical of the powers and of the otherworld. I can’t wait to read the next book to see where everything is going to go and to watch Cait develop and to learn more about the Gift. Readers should be warned that the Awakening starts out with a pretty brutal murder, and that dark theme sticks with the characters for much of the book. I liked seeing how that one action rippled out to all of the characters. It felt very raw and real. The characters and watching their emotional responses were my favorite aspect of the story telling. Roderick Donald did an excellent job fleshing out the characters and their personalities.

The awakening was more of a background and character development story. It felt like it was laying the ground work for the next books in the series. On one hand, that made the story feel a bit slow and made me fell like not too much happened. But on the other hand, I do feel like I got to know the characters really well. I am interested to see if the pace picks up a bit in the next installment. I am hoping that it does, and I am excited to learn more about Cait’s powers. I feel like this series would be good for fans of Urban fantasies and character driven novels.


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About Roderick Donald

But first, call me Rick – all my friends do!

Rick is the creator of the breakout contemporary paranormal Urban Fiction series detailing Cait’s dramatic journey from a happy-go-lucky, 23-year old millennial to a powerful and ruthless femme fatale.

Rick is a bit of an adventurer, a sometimes adrenalin junky and a world traveller (67 countries and still counting). He’s into competitive bay sailing, ocean racing, road bike riding, scuba diving, natural health and keeping fit. Rick lives in Melbourne, Australia, with Sandi, his wife of many years, and is the proud father of two thirty-something millennial children. There are also two beautiful young grandchildren in the mix who Sandi and Rick spoil to excess!

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