{ARC Review} Halfway Perfect by @JulieCross1980 & @MarktPerini @SourcebooksFire

April 25, 2015 Reviews, Young Adult 6 ★★★½

{ARC Review} Halfway Perfect by @JulieCross1980 & @MarktPerini @SourcebooksFireHalfway Perfect by Julie Cross, Mark Perini
Pages: 384
Published by Sourcebooks, Inc. on May 5, 2015
Genres: contemporary, Love & Romance, Young Adult
Source: eARC from Publisher

Bestselling author Julie Cross teams up with Ford model Mark Perini to pen a poignant and gritty YA novel about love and the dark side of modeling and the fashion industry.

Eve's time as a fashion model nearly destroyed her-now she's determined to build a career behind the camera lens. But landing a coveted photography internship brings her face to face with her dark past-and her ex.

While Eve is snapping pictures, up-and-coming male model Alex is launching his career-which, for him, involves maintaining a fake relationship with his (secretly) underage co-star, Elana.

But Alex is falling for Eve, and Eve won't let herself get hurt again. If Alex can pull off a fake love with Elana, can he convince Eve to risk a secret affair with him?

Note: This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
YA Review My Thoughts

Halfway Perfect is a young adult novel by Julie Cross and Mark Perini. It is about the not so pretty underside of the modeling world. I loved that Julie Cross paired up with a model turned writer to collaborate on this book. I thought that both Julie Cross and Mark Perini did an excellent job. I felt like I was at the castings with Eve, Elana and Alex. And while this book was darker than I initially thought it would be, it was a really good read.

Eve used to be an up and coming model when she was a young teenager, and then something happened and she walked away from the whole world right after she landed a huge designer shoot. It was scandalous. But Eve didn’t care so much about the rumors that spread about her, and she starts the story enrolled at Columbia. I loved that she worked hard against everything working against her and got herself to an ivy league school. Props to her! In fact, overall I really loved Eve. There were a few minor incidents and things where I didn’t agree with her decisions, but overall, I thought she was a great character. And the way that Julie Cross and Mark Perini slowly fed you more breadcrumb tidbits about her life and her past made it seem like we were always getting to know her better and better. I liked that. She was constantly developing as a character.

And her and Alex are so darn cute together. I loved the nicknames that gave each other in their phone. And I really liked how each of them interacted with Elana, who I thought was the most mature 14 year old in the world. I don’t know how she did it all at such a young age. Halfway Perfect is part drama, part romance, part fictionalized expose, and totally addictive. I think this would make a great CW show. It has all the juicy drama that makes those shows fun. Halfway Perfect is a great read for those people that enjoy upper young adult romances with a side of drama and a dash of grit.


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Book Briefs

About Julie Cross

I’m the author of the YA sci-fi trilogy, the Tempest series (St. Martin’s Press). I’m also the author of the YA contemporary novel, Letters To Nowhere.

But even more importantly than the above, I’m a fan of books and an avid reader/reviewer. Keep in mind, however, that a review is just one person’s opinion, one perspective. My goal is to show as much bias in my reviews as possible because this makes it easier for you to decide if your perspective is similar to mine or different. Everyone’s tastes are different. I like books with emotion and believability. I don’t mind edgy and heavy themes. I also like humor and quirk. I like weird characters in odd situations.

About Mark Perini

Mark Perini, is a New York City based author debuting his first YA novel, Halfway Perfect. Additionally, Mark is a featured author in the upcoming anthology, 50 First Times.

Mark began his career as an international fashion model 8 years ago, while simultaneously obtaining a business degree from Seton Hall University. He has a passion for traveling the world, and he’s made a blood pact with friends to see all seven ancient wonders of the world before he’s thirty. Four down three to go.

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  1. Jaime Lester

    I have to stop reading your reviews. I just do. My TBR has grown exponentially since I started reading so many of your reviews. Tonight, I have added another to my ever-expanding TBR. And it sounds SO good! Thank you for another great review!

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