{Review} Her Backup Boyfriend by @AshleeMallory @entangledpub @RomanceIsBliss

January 26, 2015 Adult, Reviews 1 ★★★★

{Review} Her Backup Boyfriend by @AshleeMallory @entangledpub @RomanceIsBlissHer Backup Boyfriend by Ashlee Mallory
Pages: 285
Published by Bliss, Entangled, Macmillan on January 19, 2015
Series: The Sorensen Family #1
Genres: contemporary, Love & Romance, Romance, Romantic Comedy
Source: eARC from Publisher

One little white lie leads to more than she planned…

Straight-laced lawyer Kate Matthews always plays by the rules. But when her ex gets engaged and a big promotion is on the line at work, she blurts out that she has a new boyfriend. And now that she's proved she “has a life” outside of work, everything is perfect. Except for one teeny little detail―there is no boyfriend. And now Kate's liable for her little white lie...

Dominic Sorensen is hot, charming, and very definitely not Kate's type. But not only does Dominic want to help Kate renovate her home, he's also willing to play “boyfriend.” All he wants in return is a little pro bono work for his sister. Now instead of Mr. Right, Kate has a delectable Mr. Fix-It-Right―and some unbelievable sexual chemistry. And if falling for Dominic is a breach of contract, Kate is guilty as charged...

Also in this series: The Playboy's Proposal
My Thoughts

Her Backup Boyfriend is the first in a new contemporary romance/romantic comedy series from author Ashlee Mallory and the Entangled Bliss  imprint. It is my personal opinion that this is less a romantic comedy and more just a sweet contemporary. I was really excited to find out that this was the first book in a series about Dominic’s family, The Sorensen Family, because we got to meet many of the other members and I love their family dynamic. It is so nice to see a happy and functioning large family depicted in a book. Too often I feel like they focus on the dysfunctional, which don’t get me wrong, has its’ place as well, but with a HEA romance, it is pleasant to see a great family group as support.

Her Backup Boyfriend follows a lawyer in a large  corporate defense firm- which in case you didn’t know, gets the rep. of being the “bad guys”. I am not here to talk about whether they are or aren’t, but in this case she was working ona large case that might land her the junior partner spot that she so desperately wanted. She was representing a friend of the firm, who was accused of sexual harassment of some of his former female employees. I think you know how this is going to play out. I enjoy reading books about lawyers and the world of law, because it always interests me to see what take the author is going to have on it all. I think Ashlee Mallory got it pretty dead on. But that is besides the point, the real point of this book is the romance…

And the romance was great. Even if it started out as a fake romance to fool everyone. I thought Dominic and Kate were great together. The book is a really quick read, one that is meant warm your heart a bit and make you swoony. It accomplishes those goals and then some. Even though the book is on the shorter end, intentionally, you really touch on a lot of issues- Kate and her work, Dominic and his family, their fake relationship and even their exes. It all culminates into a really fun read. One that I would recommend to others. I can’t wait to continue the series.


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    I absolutely love this line because they always have the absolute best heart melting romances that are perfect for this time of year and..okay, all year around. Love it!

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