{Review} Adrian Lessons by L.A. Rose @larosebooks

November 28, 2014 New Adult, Reviews 2 ★★★★

{Review} Adrian Lessons by L.A. Rose @larosebooksAdrian Lessons by L.A. Rose
Pages: 243
Published by Createspace Independent Pub on July 27, 2014
Genres: contemporary, Love & Romance, New Adult, Romance
Source: ecopy from Author

If there’s one thing Cleo Reynolds knows, it’s that she’s not into Adrian King.

The son of a model with the looks to prove it, the experienced author of her school newspaper’s sex advice column, the cocky playboy with a hint of darkness. That Adrian King.Nope. Nuh-uh. No way. The problem is, he’s very into her.

After accidentally flashing him, and slightly-less-accidentally-WBRbut-still-totally-WBRunintentionally making out with him in front of the whole class, she expects to be called crazy. Instead, he asks her out. Cleo’s determined not to end up as another notch on his bedpost.

Except she hasn’t done…you know…it in a while. (Read: ever.) And as a girl who pays her tuition by writing all the sex scenes in her roommate’s bestselling romance series, the lack of inspiration has served up a fat slice of writer’s block.Until her roommate proposes that Cleo and Adrian act out all the steamy scenes in her book.It’s just research.

No feelings involved.Nope. Nuh-uh.No way.

Note: This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
NA Review My Thoughts

Adrian Lesson’s was a new adult book that felt fresh and different. I thought it was going to be a girl and popular playing guy dancing around each, leading to an inevitable romance. But there was a whole other element that took me completely by surprise. I loved the added depth from Adrian where Cleo was concerned. It made the story feel fresh and so endearing. But don’t worry there is still the URST (unresolved sexual tension) and romance build up that I love in my new adult contemporaries.

Adrian is his college’s “sex King”. He has a column in the newspaper and he earns his reputation. Cleo is a quiet girl that just so happens to writer her newly signed roommate/author’s sex scenes in her books. I think that would be a really fun collaboration by the way. But Cleo is out of inspiration, and in a writing funk. I loved not only Cleo and Adrian, but her roommate is a hoot and a half. I want her to get her own book! I loved how meddling she was with Cleo, and how she pushed Adrian to help her act out some of her scenes- kind of. She didn’t make them so the dirty or anything like that, but she did get them pretty close to each other. It was pretty hot and a whole lot of fun. I thought it was a great method of driving the story forward.

But this was not just a fluff read. You really got to know Cleo and Adrian so well. Especially Adrian. The deeper he went in revealing his past, the more I liked him. It is hard not to like him. He seems so genuine and nice, and I thought Cleo gave him way too hard of a time. Even when she realized that he wasn’t the shallow guy she thought he was, she sill didn’t really let up on him. But Adrian was a gem through it all. They don’t make a ton of guys like him. I really enjoyed Adrian Lessons. The writing is sexy, fun and the pacing of the story is great. It felt like a well thought out read, but I easily read it in one setting. I just didn’t want to put the book down. I really enjoyed L.A. Rose’s characters and romance so I am excited to read her other books. I have James Games sitting in my to be read pile right now, in fact. I think Adrian Lessons is a standalone read, but I am kind of hoping that Cleo’s roommate gets her own companion book. If you like fun and steamy college romances, Adrian Lessons is a great book for you to check out.


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About L.A. Rose

L.A Rose recently made it out of college alive and with an English degree. She’s a habitual beach bum and a not-exactly-recovered romance addict. She’s also plucked up the courage to become an indie author! ADRIAN LESSONS, a New Adult contemporary romance to be released on August 25th, is her first book – if you don’t count the ones she wrote before she finally came up with something publishable. (She prefers not to.)

Michelle @ Book Briefs

2 Responses to “{Review} Adrian Lessons by L.A. Rose @larosebooks”

  1. kindlemom1

    I love fantastic and fun secondary characters that live up to the main. This sounds like a great read and one that I would like.
    Great review Michelle!

  2. Veronika

    I’m glad you enjoyed Adrian Lessons, honestly I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I have to admit I loved James Games waaay more than Adrian Lessons. The characters were somehow more likable to me and the main characters roommate was fantastic in that one too. BTW I’m dying to get companion novels as well.
    Wonderful review!

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