{Review+Giveaway} Karma by @DonnAugustine

November 14, 2014 Adult, Blog Tours, Giveaways, Reviews 13 ★★★★½

{Review+Giveaway} Karma by @DonnAugustine

{Review+Giveaway} Karma by @DonnAugustineKarma by Donna Augustine
Pages: 344
Published by Strong Hold Publishing on July 9, 2014
Genres: adult, Urban Fantasy
Source: ecopy from Author

People say karma's a...well, you know.

Personally, I don't think I'm that bad. It's not like I wanted this job. I wasn't even in my right mind when I accepted the position.

Now, I'm surrounded by crazy coworkers like Lady Luck, who's a bit of a tramp, and Murphy's Law, who's a bumbling oaf.

But the worst is Fate. He's got a problem with transfers like myself and I have to see him constantly. It's unavoidable, since we're hunting the same man, my murderer.

Note: This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.


My Thoughts

Yes! I have been hitting Urban Fantasy Jackpot gold lately. I loved Karma! I thought that the world Donna Augustine created was intriguing and addictive. I loved how mysterious and creative her working idea of the universe was. Even though I still have lots of questions, as does Camilla, I can’t wait for the second book to try and figure some of them out. Just to give you a quick setup of this world, basically there are people assigned for each one of the forces of the universe. There is Murphy, as in Murphy’s law, the cat lady responsible for sending the black cats, Karma, fate, cupid, santa. Everything and anything you have imagined. And they all take care to assure that their aspect of the world is balanced. Most of the people are like immortals and they have been doing their jobs forever, but every so often they get a transfer, which is a human that dies and takes on one of their roles. And that is where Camilla comes in and where our story takes off.

Camilla was an attorney in her lifetime. She was a public defender and I really admired what a spitfire she was. She is a stubborn little thing, but she never backs down. It was gutsy of her, and it could be annoying, but she somehow managed to even make her stubborn-ness seem charming. I guess that is because I feel like I would have been the same way in her situation. These people are not very big on the “why” or “how” when it comes to instructions. “Don’t do this”- but they never say why. “do you job”- but they never say what that is or how to do it. It would drive me a little crazy.

Some of the story is focused on Camilla getting set up and used to everything in her new job, but most of the story is focused on finding who and what her murderer was. We found out the who, but we are still not exactly sure about the what. Like I said, there are still a lot of unanswered questions. But instead of annoying me, like that sometimes would, I am itching like crazy to get my hands on the next book. The unanswered questions did not stem from the author just leaving something by the wayside. This is a very complex organization and we learned a great many things about it and the people working there, but there are still many, many secrets to uncover.  I have no idea when it will be out and that is killing me! This series has the potential to be a favorite of mine.

There is not a ton of romance in this book, but there are lots of heated exchanges between Karma and Fate. I wish we could have gotten some glimpses inside his head because he was a really hard one to read. But the book is told entirely from Karma’s point of view. I am hoping to see a lot more of Fate and Karma in the next book. I just love them together. At least I think I would. I love the idea of them. They banter and bicker with the best of them.

I was super impressed with Karma, and I can’t wait to read the next book. I really hope it is out soon. Fans of Urban Fantasy that love a good mystery to solve and don’t mind a few unanswered questions will love this book.




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About Donna Augustine

Donna Augustine’s lifelong ambition was to become the crazy cat lady. Unfortunately, when family allergies cut short her dream of living in a house full of furries, she turned her ambitions toward writing. Combining her love of fantasy, scifi, horror and romance, she tries to string together interesting twists on urban fantasy.

A native of New Jersey, when she isn’t writing, or overdosing on caffeine, she can occasionally be spotted in disguise at the local dog park.

Michelle @ Book Briefs

13 Responses to “{Review+Giveaway} Karma by @DonnAugustine”

  1. Red Iza

    Looks like a great book, I’m glad I read your review because I would have been put off by the cover alone (looks a little like BDSM !) 🙂

    • Donna Augustine

      Red Iza, thanks for sharing your take on the cover. I’ve seen a couple comments that readers were expecting a lot of sex and I couldn’t understand why. Now I get it, lol.

  2. Anna

    Oooh I hadn’t heard of this book before this post, but now I am intrigued and definitely have to check this book out! Great post!

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