{Review} Coral and Bone by @TiffanyDaune

August 24, 2014 Reviews, Young Adult 2 ★★★½

{Review} Coral and Bone by @TiffanyDauneCoral & Bone by Tiffany Daune
Pages: 292
Published by Jester Ink Press on July 1, 2014
Genres: Fantasy & Magic, Young Adult
Source: ecopy from Author

Halen knows the sparks igniting under her fingertips are
dangerous. She has spent her entire life trying to quell the tingly feelings
that make her destroy things, but now that she is back in Rockaway Beach, where
she watched her father drown, the flames have become impossible to tame.

Halen is trying to hold on, but when she is thrust into a
mysterious new world, the underwater realm of Elosia, she unravels the secrets
of her past and can't help but ignite. As she explores Elosia, she realizes her
life has been a lie. And when those who have deceived her come to her for help,
Halen must choose—walk away or unleash the magick that could destroy them all.

YA Review My Thoughts

Coral and Bone is the first book in the young adult fantasy series. I don’t know the name of the series yet, but author Tiffany Daune has said that it will be a trilogy. I am excited that there is going to be more, because while I felt like it took me almost the whole novel to get my bearings in the rich multiple realm world that Tiffany has created, I now have a good understanding of the world and characters, and I am ready to see more Halen and Dax. And Tage.

Halen is thrown into the whole world basically blind. I really felt for her. I felt like the readers were just as blind as her. We only knew what she knew and no one would give her more than just bits and pieces of the answers she so badly wanted. About her sister, about her guardian, and about just what was expected of her. Even about what she was. She is a blue moon siren. I admired Halen’s strength. I liked Dax but I don’t feel like we got to know him enough in this book. I wish we saw a few more things from his point of view, so I could get a better idea of what was going on in his head. I bet Halen wishes that too.

Tiffany Daune created a really rich underwater world, filled with lots of interesting characters in a range of different creatures. I liked learning about the different creatures and how they made up this world. It was a little overwhelming at first shuffling between all the different species in the three different realms and how they all fit in with one another, but I eventually got the hang of it. I loved the two shifters that became Tage and Halen’s friends, and I really liked the inkling of romance that was hinted at for Tage.

The whole storyline with the blue moon siren and Astair was fascinating as well. His little prison was pretty cool, and I was so interested in seeing the darkness and light exist within the blue moon sirens and the effects that their powers had on them. There were so many little twists and turns that I did not see coming at all, and that kept the reading fresh and interesting. By the second half of the story, Coral and Bone had completely drawn me in. I really enjoyed the story. I want more please! And I want more romance between Dax and Halen in the second book. I still have so many questions about Natalie that I want answered too. Please write the second book Tiffany! Please.


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About Tiffany Daune

I write stories about magick, love and dark creatures lurking in the shadows. When I’m not lost in Edit Land you can find me reading a book from my towering TBR pile or at the movie theater nibbling licorice. I don’t have a lucky number, but my favorite time is 11:11. I completely believe that the fortunes found inside cookies will come true and that you must be careful when wishing on stars. I live on an island, so if you want to visit you’ll need a boat, and if you want to survive the passage be sure to bring candy for the mermaids.

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  1. kindlemom1

    I have a love hate relationship with all mermaid books but for some reason I am excited about starting this one. Glad you liked it well enough. 🙂

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