{Giveaway} My Three Year Blogoversary!

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Note: Winners have been chosen and emailed! Check your email to see if you have won because prizes are first come first serve! I will try and keep this post updated and delete the books that have already been chosen!blogoversary background4

I can’t believe that I have been blogging for 3 years. (I am actually a month or so late with my giveaway, but better late than never!) Since I have started, I have posted almost 500 reviews, over 1,100 posts and had more giveaways than I can count. I love blogging and now I want to share the book love with you.



After I moved last year I did a clean my shelf giveaway, where I  put up for grabs lots of  series to clear up some space. But I only chose 2 winners, and that wasn’t nearly enough!  So when my third blogoversary rolled around this year, I decided to go BIG!

photo (19)

These are some of the books I have to giveaway. (There is a whole other BIG box not pictured) **Dogs not included**

So for this giveaway I’ll have lots of different options. Some options will have a book or two and some options will have a box of 7 or 8 that you will win. The different options will have paperback finished copies, and ARCs.

There will be two (8) winners total for this giveaway! 5  winners will get to choose one prize package. (once a package is chosen, it is gone)

There will be 3 grand prize winners. One for each year I have been blogging. They will be emailed first and they will each get their pick of either one package or a $25 gift card to amazon.

 Grand Prize:

Three (3) winners will each get $25 Amazon Gift Card CHOSEN

Prize Package #1:

Winner can choose one (1) of the following Young Adult books:

Prize Package #2:

Winner will get three (3) books from Kailin Gow CHOSEN

Prize Package #3:

Winner will get an assortment of 9-10 Smallville books

Smallville Series
Another Smallville Series

Prize Package #4:

Winner will get Gilmore Girls series books

Gilmore girls series by catherine clark and other authors

Prize Package #5:

Anothology Pack: Winner will get these two Anthologies

Prize Package #6:

“guys” pack- Winner will get these two (2) books

Prize Package #7:

Winner will get Assortment of books from the T-Witches series.
approx. 7-10 books

Prize Package #8:

Winner will get three (3) Sweet Valley High Senior Year books

Prize Pack #9

A List prize pack- Winner will get 2 books from the A List Series CHOSEN

Prize Package #10

Winner can choose one (1) of the following Adult Novels

Prize Pack #11

First in a series- winner will get these 2 “first” books

Prize Package #12

Winner will get these two Quirk Classics

Prize Package #13

1 Winner can choose any ebook they want (up to $5)



Book Briefs Blogoversary


There will be 8 winners. Each winner gets to choose one prize pack of the 13 packs listed above.

3 grand prize winners will get to choose a gift card or prize pack (if one of the three grand prize winners does not choose the gift card, it will be up for grabs for the first to respond to the 5 general winners. I will let you know when I email the winners if any gift cards are available.)

For every 1,000 entries, I will add an additional winner.

The 5 general winners will all be emailed at the same time, prizes are first come first serve. I will take winners in the order that the email time stamp says.


-fill out the rafflecopter below
-must be 13+
-Open to US only(gift cards and ebook are open internationally)
-My contest policy applies

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Michelle @ Book Briefs

26 Responses to “{Giveaway} My Three Year Blogoversary!”

  1. sarah c.

    Happy blogoversary!!!! I love love love your bookshelf.. I would love to do that at my house but i dont think my walls would support the boards,nails and books.. one of my bookshelf is already coming off the wall(bummer)..

    • Michelle @ Book Briefs

      Thanks! I just re-did my bookshelves a month ago like that. I had to reinforce them before I loaded them up with books. I am “hopefully” moving to my own place soon and I will have wall to wall bookshelves in one room there. Sigh! It will be so beautiful haha

  2. Michelle Willms

    I love your blog. I MUST show my husband the photos of your bookshelves. He might then grasp my overwhelming need for more shelves. In comparison to your shelves, my need is almost miniscule. I have thousands of books, but you have me beaten!! I LOVE your bookshelves. Thank you for sharing your book bounty with us.

    • Michelle @ Book Briefs

      haha Thanks Michelle. I just re-did them last month. It was quite the project, but I am really pleased with how they turned out. I am probably going to be moving soon , which means that I have a whole room/office for my books, which I am super excited for, but I am a little sad to leave these shelves behind.

  3. Tiffany @ Book-Marks the Spot

    HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!!!!! I hope there is many more to come! 😀 and I’m totally jealous over your bookshelf, I <3 it. And your dogs look so cuddly!!!! and cute…..are you sure they are not included lol JK I'm a cat lover, but your dogs are adorable. ^_^

    Thanks so much for this awesomesauce giveaway!

  4. Maria Behar

    OMG, Michele!!!!! This is a giveaway to end all giveaways!!! You absolutely ROCK. I don’t know how to thank you for the AWESOME chance!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! ROCK ON, GIRL!!!!! : )

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