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YA Review

From Continue by A.H. de Carrasco
Kindle Edition, 252 pages
Published January 25th 2013
Age Group: Young / New Adult Fantasy
Series: Teller of Destiny #1 ToD_Continue_PP_LRG
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“I saw the dead king…burn,” Raphere whispered to the voices.

“Why would I see such a thing, if not to prevent it.”

Ever since spilling her blood before the Teller of Destiny, Raphere has tried to prove she is not like her mother, a dark sorceress. Some call her Jivasivar–savior; others, assassin. One thing is clear: everyone has a plan for Raphere. Few seem to care about what is best for her, only what she might gain or cost them.

Even the handsome mercenary, who fascinates and frustrates her, has secret plans he doesn’t wish to share. Ever watchful in the shadows, Rant Pae spies on her–probably for her mother, Verisa. Does Rant Pae wish to draw Raphere closer with his distance? If so, he is succeeding.

Searching for her purpose Raphere embarks upon a journey to find the white wanderer Tranquia and the Jivan Tome–the Divine Poem which promised Raphere’s emergence, centuries ago. She must discern friend from foe as all strive to manipulate her for their own designs. Does she have the conviction to be the Jivasivar or is she merely a pawn in a fight for the survival of both ancients and kings?

My Thoughts

From Continue is the first book in the Tellers of Destiny Series. While it is classified as a Young Adult fantasy, I felt like it read much more like a classic high fantasy general fiction story, with a young adult aged heroine. I have read my fair share of Young Adult fantasy as well as general high fantasy books, and the young adult fantasy books are closer to paranormals, I have found that, while some can be excellent, for the most part young adult books are shorter and therefore have more limited world building, which is essential for fantasy novels. High fantasies tend to be much more elaborate and they just throw you into a new crazy world and leave you to fend for yourself and find your own bearings.(note: please don’t take this in any way, as me “bashing” young adult fantasies. I really enjoy them, I am simply trying to make a contrast as how I think this book is different from your average YA fantasy.) From Continue is a story starring Raphere, a 16 year old girl but it read very much like a high fantasy novel. The world building was rich and complex, which I loved, but it was also kind of confusing because everything was so foreign to me. It took me a while just to keep everything straight.

From Continue has lots going on. There is plenty of magic and new creatures, action, adventure, evil galore and a quest type story. I love quest stories. From Continue kept me engaged and immersed in its world for the whole story. I was confused more than once, but you just have to keep reading because everything will eventually make sense.

Raphere comes a long way throughout the story. She is fierce and strong, but just like any 16 year old she has a lot of growing up to do, and figuring out who she is. I also really liked that this story worked a romance into the storyline as well. Being that it was a high fantasy, so many times you get so deep into the main plot of the quest and adventures that there isn’t much time for anything else. But the romance makes it feel more young adult, and I think that it really added to the story. Fans of traditional fantasy as well as young adult might be interested in this story.



About the Author

6925921A. H. De Carrasco embarked upon the writer’s journey at a young age, writing illustrated fan fiction for her grade school classmates’ favorite shows. Several decades later, she is publishing her collection of fantasy novels for teenagers and adults. Lately, she writes beside a waterfall as her husband tests his goggles and flippers. Her cats look on in displeasure from the screen door, but purr happily when she writes at her desk.


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