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Hey guys, I’m trying out a new weekly feature here at Book Briefs, called Weekly Wow’s. 

Each week I will be picking a different topic of things that have wowed me that week. They can be new things I have discovered, websites or internet things I have been enjoying, discussions on something I found interesting or just some of my weekly obsessions. 

Let me know what you think of this new feature. Is it something you would enjoy?

This week I have been obsessed with iPad games! I just moved back home and I have been on my iPad constantly. Here are some games that have wowed me. 

Note: all of these apps are FREE. (I hate paying money to play games) 


You have a group of knights and you create different sets of armor for your knights by combining different elements (water, fire, air, ground, and spirit) Each element is stronger than some and weaker than some, so by combining the elements you can pick and choose what armor your knights should wear when they are fighting the different monsters or other knights.

What I like about this game is that there is always something to be doing. You can unlock different lands and can fight to get element pieces to build armor. You can also go into the fighting arena and participate in fighting tournaments where your knights battle against other players knights and you get ranked each week and can win prizes and rare armor. 

You also fight a different boss each week. The more you beat him the better prizes you can get. You can also join a guild with other knights and participate in guild wars. 

My favorite part of the game is creating all the different kinds of armor. You can level your armor up and it just keeps changing and getting cooler or you can fuse different kinds of armor together. There are so many different types. 

If you want to play this game add me as a friend! You can use your friends to help you fight the monsters. And if you add me as a friend when you complete your tutorial of the game and put my friend code in (below) you will get a really great set of armor that will really help you out. 

I’d love to have some more people to play with! 🙂 Here is my friend code:

You may have seen the commercials for this game on tv. It is a world building and fighting game. It is tons of fun! it has more strategy than the knights game because it is a real time war type game.

You build up your city and army and then you can attack other players (or not if you don’t want to) and then you join an alliance. Alliances really help you out in this game because they can send you resources to build buildings and they help you out if you get attacked by other players. 

I’m in the world Bilbo62 and my name is BookBriefs

I have two cities:
Hogwarts and Durmstrang 🙂 

and my alliance is Fallen Angels

come say hi if you play this game! I won’t attack, I promise 🙂

I think everyone knows about candy crush by now, but I had to give it a shout out because it is so addictive!

Its a puzzle game like bejewel where you have to make matches of 3 or more in a row. But the higher the level the harder it gets. 

I am stuck on level 107 and I cannot seem to get past it! 
You can also play this game on facebook

Did I miss your favorite app? Share your favorites below. I am always looking for new games! And add me on knights, that game is easily my favorite 🙂

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34 Responses to “{Weekly Wow’s} iPad Games”

  1. Joyous Reads

    I found out the proper way of popping a tic tac out of its container. Do you know that there’s this little holding thing specifically made for it? You shake it out and out it comes and into this little pop out tab. Huh. Try it next time you buy a tic tac. 🙂

  2. Christy @ Love of Books

    I refused to play Candy Crush for the longest time, but decided to try a couple days ago. I can definitely see how it can be addictive. I don’t really like playing app games though. I love the PS3, Wii, and 3DS. lol

  3. Bea

    If I played online games or downloaded more apps, I’d definitely check out the Hobbit one 😀 but I limit myself to Words with Friends on facebook. Currently I’m getting my butt kicked in all but a couple games. 😀

  4. Jessica@a GREAT read

    Oooh nice! Candy Crush looks a lot like Bejeweled which I play like crazy on my iPhone! Totally addicted to Bejeweled. It’s kinda scary! Luckily, that’s the only game I’ve downloaded!

  5. Laura Thomas

    I’m addicted to Candy Crush! Love those kind of games. I also like role playing games but seldom get through them.
    I like this meme. Do many myself. I’ll be reading this one and look forward to your next WOW!

  6. Tammy

    I have a couple of games on my kindle fire that I used to play but haven’t lately. I don’t *gasp* play any games on my phone but I love Pokémon (yup, I said it) on my DS and can’t wait for the new game next month.

  7. Cricket

    I love Candy Crush, if I had an Ipad I’d probably look into the others. My current device doesn’t really support much but cool games.


    So, I don’t have an iPad, just a Kindle Touch, plain old black and white or gray and black e-reader. No smart phone. No tablets. Lap top and iPods are about as fancy as we get. So, I’m clueless when it comes to games and apps. I know I can get them on my iPod but I don’t need any other distractions. I have two sons, a blog, a WIP or six, and a husband, not in that order 🙂
    If I got started on one of those games, it would consume me!!! Especially if I could build my own world and I had magic!


  9. Denise Z

    I am still having a hard time understanding how to play games on a tablet or phone app. LOL I do like match 3 games, but have never played Candy Crush, although I do like the cartoons and they have made me curious. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Nikki H

    Candy Crush is sooooo addicting! I got my boyfriend, best friend and mom all to play it with me! We all brag about what level we’re on!

  11. RIN

    These look like so much fun! I hate paying for games too. I don’t play too many of them though because I don’t have a tablet and they’re just not as much fun on a laptop.


  12. Maidenveil

    My sister got hooked on Candy Crush! I’m not really a gaming person but anything that has to do with Lord of the Rings I will try! So The Hobbit game is looking pretty much lovely to me!

  13. Kayla DeGroote

    Ooo nice!! Honestly I’m not a big fan of iPad games or anything like that because I know for a fact that once I start I can’t stop and I’ll get behind on things because I’ll be too distracted to work! I hope the same doesn’t go for you! I’m glad you enjoy the games! 🙂

  14. Christine

    The first two games sound fun (no iPad for me, though, so they’re no-gos!), but my entire family is addicted to Candy Crush, so I’ve taken an anti-Candy Crush stance. I refuse to play it even once–I’ve seen its addictive effects too much!

  15. Elton

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