2012 Wrap up & 2013 Goals!

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I can’t believe that 2012 is already over! 
2012 was a great blogging year for me. I did A LOT on the blog. Here is my 2012 blog year in review: 

2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Reading Challenge
Michelle has completed her goal of reading 175 books in 2012!

I finished my goodreads goal of reading 175 books. In fact, I read 198 books in 2012 🙂

Here is a breakdown of the books that I read this year by rating. (I round up my goodreads ratings so the 4 stars are actually all the 4 star books as well as the 3.5 star books)

 Note: there are a handful of DNF books that are not included in this chart. 

Stats from 2012:

  • 420 total posts
  • 199 posted reviews
  • 2,441 GFC followers
  • 234,897 total page views other than my own
  • I also made a Pinterest, Facebook page, and Tumblr this year

  • Learn more about blog design
    • I have just started playing around with photoshop. I would love to be able to make a new blog design for myself but I am a long way off from that. So I am starting small by making some new buttons for my blog and doing some tweaks. 
  • Be more active on Twitter
    • I love talking with people on twitter and getting to know people better but when I get busy one of the first things that get cut is twitter and online time in general. I want to be on twitter more in 2013
  • Comment more
    • pretty much the same reasoning as above. I try and return all comments that I get on the blog but I want to do more than just return comments. I want to be an active commenter on the blogs that I enjoy. I am a huge lurker as it is. 
  • Do less cover reveals/promos
    • Blog tour companies have started branching out with the services they offer and that is great but I want some more original content on my blog for 2013. I’m going to stick to reviews, guest posts and interviews. 
  • Have more discussion posts

  • read 175 books
    • It was a good number for this year, and normally I would like to try and outdo myself but I am also trying to not stretch myself too thin in 2013. I had too much on my plate at points this year I am going to try and cut back a little. Stop and smell roses and all that. 
  • Accept less books for review
    • I really need to get my TBR pile under control. I have HUNDREDS of books that I have not read yet, and the only way I will ever get to read them is if I cut back on the amount of books I take in for review
  • Do less Blog Tours
    • I love blog tours but you sign up for them months in advance and then before you know it my months are booked and I don’t have room or time to read books other than the blog tour books. So I am going to limit my blog tours and read some of my own books too. 

Some of my normal goals for the year are to

  • become more organized
  • not procrastinate
  • exercise more

So what are your goals for 2013? 

oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 🙂 

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6 Responses to “2012 Wrap up & 2013 Goals!”

  1. Gina @ My Precious

    “Read 175 books” – this is impressive! Especially since you did it already in 2012. You should be very proud. I do hope you have more discussion posts. I enjoy them, but only when the hosts responds to the posts.

  2. Jessica S.

    I’m always impressed with how much you do, reviews and tours and reading. It’s amazing! Changing your priorities in 2013 is a great idea. There are so many books we end up pushing aside due to review requests, it will be good for you to be able to get to more of them. I’m doing the same, trying to straighten my focus and reach a different set of goals this year.

    Congrats on a good 2012, and I hope that 2013 will prove to be awesomer! 😀

  3. rolopolobookblog

    I am very new to blogging (though not to reviewing) and have learned so much this week from posts like this one. It is both informative and interesting to see what more established bloggers such as yourself are doing to improve your site and output over the next year. Thanks for this and Happy New Year!!

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