{ARC Review} While it Lasts by Abbi Glines

July 30, 2012 Reviews 15

While it Lasts by Abbi Glines
Expected Publication Date: July 31, 2012 (that’s tomorrow!!)
Age Group: New Adult
Source: Author for review
Series: Sea Breeze series #3
Challenge(s): Ebook challenge,150+ reading challenge, Just Contemporary challenge,  ABC challenge
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Summary(from Goodreads):

Maybe driving home after a few (or more) shots of tequila had been a bad idea, but hell, he did it all the time. The cops had to have been freaking bored to have pulled him over. He wasn’t even swerving! That’s Cage York’s story and he’s sticking to it.
Unfortunately, his baseball coach isn’t buying it. Cage has a free ride to the local junior college for baseball — or he did, until he’d gotten a DUI. Now, Cage has to decide: does he drop out and give up his dream of getting noticed by a college in the SEC, and possibly making it into the Major Leagues — or does he give in to his coach’s demands and spend his summer baling hay?
Eva Brooks planned out her life step by step when she was eight years old. Not once over the years had she lost sight of her goals. Josh Beasley, her next door neighbor, had been the center of those goals. He’d been her first boyfriend at seven, her first kiss at ten, her first date at fifteen, and her first tragedy at eighteen. The moment she’d received the phone call from Josh’s mother saying he’d been killed along with four other soldiers just north of Baghdad, Eva’s carefully planned life imploded in the worst way possible.
Cage isn’t real happy with his closet-sized bedroom in the back of a foul smelling barn, or his daily interactions with cows, but he knows that if he doesn’t make his coach happy then he can kiss his scholarship goodbye. Only a sick and twisted man would decide his punishment was to be working on a farm all summer. No hot babes in bikinis waiting to meet a Southern boy to make her vacation complete. Just him and the damned cows.
Oh — and an uptight, snarky brunette with the biggest blue eyes he’s every seen. But she doesn’t count, because as hard as he’s tried to charm her out of her panties – he’s pretty sure she’d rather see him hung from the rafters than let him get a taste of her pretty little lips.

While it Lasts is Cage’s story. Cage was first introduced to us in Because of Low as Low’s best friend and total womanizer. This book is part of the Sea Breeze series but it can be read as a standalone. It might be good read Because of Low first just so you can fully understand the dynamic between Cage and Low, since Low does show up in While it Lasts, but you would not be confused or lost if you wanted to read about the Yummy, yummy Cage first. While it Lasts is my favorite book so far in the Sea Breeze series! I wanted to start reading it again the second that I finished the last page. (this book is New Adult, and might not be suitable for some younger teens, so just be aware of that) I have been a huge fan of the New Adult genre because the characters are a little bit older and they are more my age. While it Lasts is hands down, my favorite New Adult book that I have ever read. 

I’ll admit that I was slightly skeptical of Cage. He is such a big player that I wasn’t sure he would be redeemable. But Abbi is the queen of romance and of amazing characters so I was really excited to see what she would do with Cage. And let me tell you, Cage is one of my top book boyfriends of the year. Maybe even ever! He just has these moments. These little adorable moments where you can’t help but love him more and more. He is a macho guy but he has this ooey gooey center. I lived for those moments, when he would say something sweet that would melt my heart. I totally love him. He is realistic. He knows his faults and his shortcomings and he owns them. He doesn’t make excuses for himself, and man oh man is he HOT! I am pretty sure that I need Abbi to find me a boyfriend because after reading about Cage, Beau and Dank a regular guy just isn’t going to do it for me! 

Eva is sweet and likable. My heart broke for her at the start of the story. Because of her loss Eva created this strong exterior around herself and I was nervous that she would spend the whole book too scared to let Cage in. But I was pleasantly surprised when she admitted to her crush on the swoon worthy Cage pretty early on. She is spunky, and kind. What I loved most about this book is the connection that Eva and Cage have. It is so strong and intense but it never seems like insta-love. It built up for me at a completely realistic pace. That is the magic of Abbi Glines. She is the queen of YA and New Adult romances. Her male characters are just irresistible. I love her combination of charisma, and just the right amount of protectiveness and jealousy. Her writing just pulls you in, and makes you fall in love. That is how I would describe all of her books. Just like falling in love. Plus the romance between Eva and Cage is just flat out hot. Way hotter than YA books- While it Lasts totally earns every bit of the New Adult title. This book is so incredible. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days! Just writing this review makes me want to go read it again. 

5/5 Gavels
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  1. Jessica S.

    There’s already a third book out?! I need to get to this series so bad! I’m glad to see you enjoying these books. 🙂

  2. Kelly

    Can Cage really be the top book boyfriend over Adrian, Dimitri or Daemon?? Wow,I better get to it then and see for myself. I loved Because of Low.

  3. Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings

    It is drivng me nuts, now! Where do I recognize this author? I need to research! Thos sounds just great. I personally like this New Adult category. Imthink it is a great way to classifiythe books suiited for the 18-20 s readers. I have yet to read one in this category, at least I don’t think I have read one…..Lovely review!

  4. Sophia Rose

    Yay! It’s finally coming out. I’m so glad that you thought it was good. Can’t wait to read Cage’s story.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Avidd Reader

    I really like your review! I want to read this book now! Great blog btw, I love the background, arrangement, and everything! 🙂 I’m following you now!

    I would love it if you could take the chance and visit my blog! I’m a new blogger, so I would really appreciate it 🙂

  6. Emily

    I can’t wait to read this series! I love Abbi’s work and the cover of this one is great! Nice review! :o)

  7. Christina K.

    I LOVE Abbi Glines! And I loved the Sea Breeze series – Cage sounds like a character who will grow into someone awesome:)

    Great review:)

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