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June 30, 2012 Giveaways 4

Today I have a really cool giveaway for the Knights Trilogy by Katie M. John. You can win the whole trilogy as long as some awesome swag. I also got the books for review, so my reviews will be up in a few weeks 😉

Book 1: The Forest of Adventures

When seventeen year old Mina Singer falls in love with the devastatingly handsome new boy at college, she finds herself catapulted into a fairytale realm. But magic isn’t for children and magic can be deadly…especially in the hands of a jealous Morgan Le Fay.
Held at the heart of an ancient prophesy, Mina risks losing all those she loves the most.

Caught between two worlds. Torn between two hearts.
The adventure begins…

Book 2: Immortal Beloved

As Mina Singer tries to piece together her broken heart, Blake’s adventure in Egypt places his in serious peril.
As ancient and terrifying Egyptian rituals are ressurected by the sorceress Morgan Le Fay, Blake embarks on the most horrifying quest yet – one which no other mortal has ever survived.
This time, the damsel must rescue her knight in a terrifying race against death.

Book 3: Star Fire 

Egypt changed them both in ways no one ever expected. As murder and dark arts cast a terrible shadow over both The Real World and The Realm. Mina’s connection to the mysterious Star Fire Sisterhood results in her becoming The Templar’s number one suspect.
Set amongst the snowy mountains of Switzerland and the ancient magical forests of France, Blake and the House of Beldevier are given just one chance to save Mina’s life – the recovery of The Holy Grail.
In this epic heart-racing finale, ancient myths come alive and old scores are settled. One thing for sure … the clock is ticking.

Katie’s Bio:
Writer of the Amazon Best-selling YA series, The Knight Trilogy, Katie is married to a handsome giant and mummy to a mud-puddle fairy. She likes to write whilst drinking tea and eating jaffa cakes. Most of the time she lives in a fairytale world but other than that she is completely and utterly normal.
Katie’s debut YA fairtytale series, ‘The Knight Trilogy’ has become an international best-seller in several chart categories, Contemporary Fantasy, Myths and Legends, Paranormal Romance. It has also been an Amazon No 1. Best-selling Fairytale.
Her work is a blend of rich imagery and fast paced action. Before writing full length novels, Katie wrote poetry, her works being published in several anthology publications.
She is currently working on a stand alone novel called ‘Beautiful Freaks’ due to be published in Autumn 2012. A high Victorian, Gothic, Steampunk style detective story.
The official website
Twitter handle @KnightTrilogy https://twitter.com/#!/KnightTrilogy
Today I have a really cool giveaway for the full knight trilogy and awesome swag. and It’s international! Here is what you can win:
1 Ebook set of the trilogy via smash words which is suitable for all ereaders. The set will include, Book one (The Forest of Adventures), Book two (Immortal Beloved) & Book three (Star Fire)
1 Forest of the Adventures signed postcard
1 Immortal Beloved signed postcard
1 star fire signed postcard
3 Knight Trilogy Magnets
-Must be 13+
-my contest policy applies
-fill out the rafflecopter

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  1. Sarika Patkotwar

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! The swag seems so cool, and the Knight Trilogy itself sounds so interesting. I think it’ll be really nice to read something set in Egypt, since it makes everything so much more fascinating! I haven’t read any Egypt based books, so this is really good. I’m sure to check out this series now!
    Looking forward to reading The Knight Trilogy. 🙂

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