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April 18, 2012 Reviews 8

Predestined by Abbi Glines
Publication Date: March 29, 2012
Age Group: YA
Source: Author
Series: Existence Trilogy #2
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Summary(from Goodreads):

You would think after helping save her boyfriend from an eternity in Hell that things would go back to normal. Well, as normal as life can be when you can see souls and your boyfriend is Death. But for Pagan Moore, things are just getting weirder.
The high school quarterback and reigning heartthrob, Leif Montgomery, is missing. While the town is in a frenzy of worry, Pagan is a nervous wreck for other reasons. Apparently good ‘ol Leif isn’t your average teenage boy. He isn’t even human. According to Death, Leif doesn’t have a soul. The quarterback may have skipped town but he’s still showing up in Pagan’s dreams… uninvited.
Dank has known from the beginning Leif wasn’t human. But he hadn’t worried about a simple soulless creature. Now, he realizes he made a grave mistake. Pagan’s soul has been marked since birth as a restitution, to a spirit so dark not even Death walks near it. Dank knows saving Pagan’s soul won’t be easy but Pagan is his. And he’s already proven he’ll defy Heaven to keep her. If Hell wants a piece of him too, then bring it on.

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It’s no secret to anyone that I LOVE Abbi Glines and all of her works, but Dank holds an extra special place in my heart. Because of that, I was super excited to read the second book in the existence trilogy.( btw, just typing out the word trilogy pains me, because I know there will only be one more book) If you liked Existence, then you have to read Predestined!

Dank is even more adorable in this book. He thinks he is such a big baddie but he is really such a softie when it comes to Pagan. I love that about him. He clearly cares about her, and he would do anything for her. I loved all of his little jealous moments and I can’t wait to see more of those in the next book. The best part about Predestined is that parts of it were in Dank’s POV! I can’t tell you how happy it made me to read about things from his point of view. I really like male POV in general, but when it is a character that I have already fallen in love with, I like it even more.

One thing that surprised me while reading Predestined was how much I didn’t hate Leif. I fully expected him to be this big, bad soulless and that I would hate him right off the bat, but I really liked learning about him and what his connection to Pagan was. It was really interesting! Abbi Glines has such a way with words and characters. Honestly, I know I have said it before but this woman just knows how to write awesome characters. You fall in love with them, you root for them, you feel like you KNOW them. She is a great writer- she makes it all look easy.

Predestined grabbed my attention from page one and I devoured the book way too fast for my liking. But I couldn’t help it, I just could not put the book down! Come to think of it, I don’t think I have spent more than a single day on any of Mrs. Glines’ books- they are just that good. The characters pull you in and the romance and storylines keep you glued to your seats begging for me. At least, that is my experience with her books. Abbi Glines just knows romance. The existence trilogy is AMAZING. One of my favorite paranormal series that I have ever read. I don’t think I would ever get tired of re-reading this series!

5/5 Gavels

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8 Responses to “{Book Review} Predestined by @AbbiGlines”

  1. Giselle

    I haven’t read the firs book but it’s been on my wishlist it sounds awesome! Good to know the sequel is great as well I have to check these out soon!

  2. bookbitereviews

    This is the first time i am hearing about this series, but it sounds amazing. I have recently been the same way with reading. i haven’t taken more than a day to read all my recent reviewed book and not because they are short, but because i cant put them down! Thanks for the review! I will definitely have to check out this series =D

  3. Juana

    Story sounds like a keeper. I read Existence and loved it I am sure that this book and the next I will feel the same way. I can’t wait to read them.


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