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January 21, 2012 Blog Tours, Reviews 2

Today I have reviews of both books in the series and a giveaway for ecopies of both books! Be sure to check out my review of book 2, BeSwitched Witch for the giveaway! 
Pages: 192 pages
Publication Date: September 14th 2011 by Molly Snow, via Smashwords 
Age Group: young YA
Source: author for blog tour
Series: BeSwitched #1
Challenge(s): Ebook challenge, Young adult reading challenge, 150+ reading challenge, TBR pile challenge, Witches and withcraft challenge
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Summary(from Goodreads):

When a magical black cat, Surla, runs away from her bombastic witch, Idis, she has no idea that she will soon be living as a teenage girl, confronting both the mean girls and the popular—and very cute—guys of Washington High on a daily basis.
While Surla may look like Cathy, her peers notice a dramatic change in her personality when she starts standing up for herself, dressing differently, snagging dates, and picking up strange habits. Meanwhile, the witch Idis is a flaming red-haired fury as she awkwardly tries to fit into society. She must hunt down her familiar in order to be able to continue performing spells. In spite of their circumstances, Surla and Cathy learn more about themselves and gain great self esteem by being each other. Not only this, but the usual drama and young love in high school life is kindled in BeSwitched as Todd, the handsome quarterback, shows sincere interest in Cathy. The “curse” of being BeSwitched winds up being the most purr-fect secret these new best friends could ever have!

This book was cute. It took me a little while to get into the book, but once I did, I enjoyed the story. The story starts out with a bang, or a body switch to be more accurate. It was a little jumpy for me at the start, but once you really get into the story it gets better and better! BeSwitched is a a fun read, and the next book looks good too.

Cathy and Surla are pretty funny. I was shocked at how ok Cathy seemed to be with being turned into a cat. I know I wouldn’t be ok with that! And Surla, in cathy’s body, attracted attention over night. I am normally not a fan of overnight popularity, but since it was technically a new person, it didn’t drive me completely crazy. Right away she attracted the attention of two guys in particular- Todd and Craig. And of course, one of them is a complete jerk. Makes you wonder why girls like guys like him.

I liked the crazy situations that Cathy and Surla found themselves in, throw in a mad witch trying to get her cat back and you have a pretty exciting book. I would say it is for a bit of a younger audience but I really got interested in the story towards the end. I would say give this book a chance, and read it all. I think you will enjoy it!

3/5 Gavels

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