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Today I have a super fun guest post and teaser from BeSwitched author Molly Snow! She talks first kisses. Be sure to come back on saturday to see my reviews of both books and for a giveaway! 
Also, don’t forget to check out Molly’s website for her grand prize tour giveaway of a Kindle and signed books! –http://mollysnowfiction.blogspot.com
First Kisses

Thank you, Michelle, for having me on Book Briefs. I thought it would be fun to share with your readers an excerpt from BeSwitched, centering on a first kiss.

When I was sixteen, I wrote BeSwitched. I published it when I was twenty-three, sending out news releases to some local papers, and some bit at the story. I started speaking at schools, and my former high school, Deer Valley High,  called me to come speak to their students. I was really excited and nervous. After my first presentation, one of the teachers, an English teacher (can’t remember his name), said that I really should read a passage from Surla’s first date. Surla is the black cat that switched with a shy teenage girl. So, at his request, I read it aloud to the next group. The students’ reactions were perfect. For a sneak peek into a portion of BeSwitched, please enjoy: 

This is an excerpt from BeSwitched

       “How will you know your way back?” Surla became worried.“I won’t get lost.” He was very confident.Surla saw tire marks in the dirt already, and the car soon stopped in front of a lake. The moon was casting a white glow across the soft ripples of water. How romantic, Surla thought. Craig took off his seat belt and turned to look at Surla, while removing her seat belt.“Here we are.” His eyes appeared as a darker blue.“It’s beautiful,” she said while still looking at him.“Just like you.” He brushed a hand softly across her cheek and through her hair. “It’s amazing how I never noticed you before.”“Yeah, well, I noticed you.” Surla thought about kissing him that instant. Go ahead! Kiss him! Kiss him! Kiss him! she repeated in her head. So slowly, with passion, she leaned in, opened her lips, and licked his cheek.        “That’s different.” Craig liked that. He leaned over to her and kissed her on the mouth, his tongue touching hers in a French kiss. Now that’s different

My first kiss, the guy picked me up under the arms and turned me round and round. When he set me down, I looked up at him and he looked down at me, and then it happened. It was over as quick as it happened. He called me later for another date and I turned him down, because he seemed too much of a bad boy for me! hahahah. How was your first kiss?

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