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January 10, 2012 Blog Tours, Giveaways, Reviews 47

Today is the release day of Destiny’s Fire!! Everyone should get this book, it was seriously that good. 
Pages: 159
Publication Date: January 10th 2012 by Omnific Publishing
Age Group: YA
Source: blog tour
Series: Destiny’s Fire #1
Challenge(s): Ebook challenge, Young adult reading challenge, 150+ reading challenge, Debut Author Challenge, ABC challenge, YA/MG fantasy challenge
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Summary(from Goodreads):

It’s the year 2040, and sixteen-year-old Dez Harkly is one of the last of her kind—part of a nearly extinct race of shape-shifters descended from guardians to the Egyptian pharaohs. Her home and her secret are threatened when the Council lowers the barrier, allowing the enemy race to enter the Shythe haven.
As the Narcolym airships approach, Dez and her friends rebel against their Council and secretly train for battle. Not only is Dez wary of war and her growing affection for her best friend Jace, but she fears the change her birthday will bring. When Dez’s newfound power rockets out of control, it’s a Narcolym who could change her fate… if she can trust him.
Dez’s guarded world crumbles when she discovers why the Narcos have really come to Haven Falls, and she’s forced to choose between the race who raised her and the enemy she’s feared her whole life. 

I was excited about Destiny’s Fire right off the bat and it did not disappoint at all. In fact, it exceeded expectations in every way! The more I read, the more excited about the story I got. Trisha Wolfe, created an awesome storyline, cool kick butt characters, and gadgets worthy of the steampunk title. So many of the 2012 debuts have such a huge hype surrounding them, and Destiny’s Fire deserves all of it.

The story focuses around Dez and her three triplet friends. They are all members of the Shythe race. I love Dez! She is so special- nice, really good without being annoying, and pretty. I felt so bad that she was nervous to tell her friends her secret. Especially Jace. I love Jace so much! I am on team Jace all the way. He is just so sweet to Dez and you can tell that he has loved her forever. It is just so cute to see him get nervous and be protective around her. But of course Dez is a teenager, so when a hot new guy shows up in town she can’t resist him. Reese is ok, but it will always be Jace for me. I’m not 100% sure that this triangle is totally resolved so I can’t wait to see where it goes in the next book. But I really liked that this YA did not shy away from the romance. It was one of my favorite parts of the story, which is really saying something because there are such cool powers and a blooming conflict between two races going on too!

I loved the way the two races were described. It is going to be so cool to see what else is to come for them and how Dez will react to everything. I am fascinated by her, and I can’t wait to see what is next for her and her friends. (and her love life of course!) Destiny’s Fire grabbed my attention and my heart and it did not let go until long after I was done reading. This is going to be a hard book to top! I loved it so much, you need to read this book! If this book is any indication, 2012 is going to be an epic year!!

5/5 Gavels
For more information about Destiny’s Fire and Trisha Wolfe check out these sites: 

For more information about Destiny’s Fire and book 2(!!) you can visit Trisha Wolfe’s facebook page. It has all sorts of character information and extras. Check it out:

The Grand Prize for this book tour will be an Egyptian/steampunk necklace, print copy of DF, DF bookmark, and a signed bookplate. Those of you hosting a giveaway, you can also offer a DF bookmark to your winner. Check out the A Tale of Many Reviews at the end of the tour for more giveaway details!

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47 Responses to “{Book Review+Tour Giveaway} Destiny’s Fire by Trisha Wolfe”

  1. Renu

    This sounds SO good! Yay, I’m happy to hear that is doesn’t shy away from romance! The mc sounds awesome, I do like a nice protagonist. 🙂

    Great review!

  2. Alexa

    I’m so interested in finding out what happens next because it feels like there’s so much more to be explored. I can’t wait for Trisha to write and release the NEXT book 😉

  3. Amber

    I keep reading awesome reviews about this one and am getting more and more excited (if that is even possible). I’m glad you liked Dez and Jace. Can’t wait to meet them!

  4. Arianne Cruz

    that necklace is beautiful! I also love the cover of this book. When I get a book published, I hope it would also be beautiful 🙂
    email: cruz042 at cougars.csusm.edu

  5. Anna

    Awesome review I am keeping fingers crossed for this win steampunk is becoming one of my fave genre to read and this book sounds awesome and the cover is beautiful.

  6. Jennifer

    WOW Trisha’s books sounds so good. I definitely adding them to my must-read list. Love the necklace too.

  7. SJune

    I LOVED this book too and can’t wait to get more friends to read it! As soon as I finished it I had to find out if there would be a second book and I was SOOO excited to find out there would be.

    sjune2721(at) gmail(.)com

  8. poisnivyred

    Wow I haven’t heard of this book before, but with all this exclaim I can’t help but add it to my list! It sounds amazing.

    Poisnivyred AT gmail. Com

  9. Julie W

    What an awesome review! I didn’t really feel strongly one way or another about this book before because I hadn’t really heard much about it, but after reading your review, I MUST read it!! Thanks so much 🙂
    jwitt33 at live dot com

  10. Sarah Cruzツ

    Love the necklaces! I dying to read this book, I have heard really good things about it:) Thanks for the Review and Giveaway!!


  11. Anne

    A 5 gavel read! Sounds great. I didn’t think it was steampunk at first cause of the pink cover, I had to really study it to get the steam punk elements. Could be I haven’t had enough caffeine yet this morning.


  12. evrythngzen

    This is a great review! I have to say this is the first I have heard of this book and now I am dying to read it! Great job! it sounds like an interesting story and I love that it’s not the same old story line and character concept. Thank you for the giveaway too. That necklace is beyond awesome.

  13. Paige

    You wrote an awesome review! I cannot wait to share mine on my tour date which is friday! I’d love it if you could stop by!

  14. Julie W

    I’ve heard it said that fans of The Mortal Instruments will love this book, and I am a huge fan of The Mortal Instruments!! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this book! Thanks so much for your thoughts on this read 🙂
    jwitt33 at live dot com

  15. JenniferK

    I have been wanting to read this one for a while now. Shapeshifters and Egyptian mythology have always appealed to me so I can’t wait to read this.

  16. Small Review

    Fantastic review! I’ve seen this book around but I didn’t really know what to expect from it. Your review has made me really excited now 🙂

  17. AshleyS

    I can tell this will be another one of those books that just completely sucks me in and pulls me from reality for a day or two while I devour the pages!


  18. fourheadjen

    Great review! I’m glad to see this book lives up to its hype! I’ve been meaning to read this but never got to it, partly since there are too many good books to read! But I will bump this up my TBR pile.

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