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Air by Shauna Granger

Paperback254 pages
Published September 26th 2011 by CreateSpace
Age Group: YA
Series: Elemental #2
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Summary (from Goodreads)

It was a rough start to the school year for Shayna and her friends, Jodi and Steven, but thankfully summer break is near. Trying to sort out her feelings for the new guy in town, Shayna agrees to let Jensen join her on a group date with her friends. While out they end up at a local coffee house where their classmate, social outcast Jeremy McCormick, is humiliated by his baseball star brother. When Jeremy runs away from the jeering crowd, Shayna and Jodi hear the unmistakable sound of a thousand wings chasing after him, but no one else seems to hear them. These are not like any air elementals that Shayna or Jodi have ever encountered before and they fear Jeremy has gotten himself tangled up in something too dangerous for him to handle. But when Shayna tries to help Jeremy control his magical abilities she realizes it might be the biggest mistake of her life.

I really like the elemental series. I think my favorite thing about this series is that each book has a completely different story. I wasn’t too sure where this book was going to go. I thought it would focus more on Jensen, but a totally different story emerged. It deal with the fae, which are fascinating creatures! I have read a few books on the fae but I really loved Shauna’s take on them. She included many different varieties and I really got to see the nuances within the species.

And what is even cooler is that we got to see so much more of Jodi! She is the air elemental of the trio so it makes sense that she would get her time to shine in this book. I really liked that it wasn’t 100% about Shayna. I enjoyed seeing jodi and her powers grow, you could tell that she needed the confidence. I felt so bad for Steven sometimes though. It felt a little like he was being left in the dust- Shayna has always been super powerful, btu now Jodi was coming into her own, but because the book was so Air based, there was not much for Steven to do. Of course, he was never bitter or anything but supportive. He is such a great friend.

Another great thing about Air is that you can really see some awesome character development and growth. Particularly for Shayna. She starts out the series being pretty controlling and having a bit of a temper. But she is really starting to come around and fall into her powers. She appreciates her friends more and is such a good person at heart. She always wants to help everyone, even Jeremy. (who I found to be kind of creepy) Now if only she could start treating Jensen a little better…

Jensen is so completely and totally awesome. He cares about Shayna so much, and he is so patient with her. Honestly, he puts up with a lot with her. She is confused and as a result, sometimes she doesn’t treat him the best. I just wanted to shake her a few times and make her realize how good she has it with him. My only complaint about Air is that there was not enough Jensen in it! He always seemed to be a few steps behind the group because Shayna never took the time to fill him in until way after the fact. Poor Jensen. I just hope that in the next book Shay realizes what she has, and I just hope it isn’t too late.

Overall, Air (and the elemental series) is a great, magical book. The mystery is awesome and the magic battles are intense! It will be sure to keep you on the edge of your seat- I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough!

4/5 Gavels

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  1. Anna

    Fingers crossed I when this I am getting Earth for Christmas I can not wait to read this series sounds so awesome. berrylicious_cutie(at)hotmail(.)com

  2. What's Beyond Forks?

    I haven’t heard of this one before, but it sounds good. I love the cover! Thank you for the giveaway! Have a great weekend!
    PS: My email address that I use to follow via RSS is on my google profile.:)

  3. Unknown

    The review makes me want to read these books, but obviously it’s #2 in the series, so I have to find what the #1 was named and read it first so I can understand this review, lol. But I understand enough of it that I know I want to read it!
    Thank you for that – I love finding new authors and books, especially series!!
    Thanks for the giveaway chance!
    Gena Robertson

  4. Julie W

    You had me hooked at “awesome character development and growth”!! When a reviewer says that, then you know that the book is going to be great! Thanks for the terrific review and giveaway:)

  5. Lolawid

    I love books where you start out not really caring for a character, but then you get to watch them change and grow! Excited to read this series!

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