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Thank you to Stacy for joining us today. Check out my review of her book, My Blood Runs Blue!

Thank you for allowing me to be a guest on your blog today!
For those who don’t know me or what I do, I am an author, but I am also a Police Officer by career. I love my job and love what I get to do.
So let me ask this of you… When you think of a police officer what do you envision?  Many people think of them as strong, honorable, warriors and some even call us heroes.  We run into the face of horror when everyone is running away.  We face off to the worst of mankind, the rapists, the child molesters and the murders.  We help people when they are hurt and we listen to people when they want to talk.
Some people say we show no fear. We get asked all the time, “weren’t you scared?” or “aren’t you ever afraid?”  Of course we are afraid!  We are scared to death, but that fear is what keeps us alive, what keeps us moving because our job is to serve and protect.  But there are things out there that scare us more than any crazed mass murderer… You want to know what it is?  I’ll tell you… things that creep, things that crawl and things that slither… Yep… Spiders, snakes and rodents, that’s what scares us to death!  Let me share some stories of things that have happened with my fellow officers.
Not too long ago, I stood at the station with a few of my guys. We were just chatting and I noticed a spider crawling down the wall. I casually said to “B” that he might want to move because the spider was moving his way. Do you know what he did? His eyes went huge, his mouth fell open and he screeched. Yes – like a little girl.  He then proceeded to jump about 4 feet away and climbed up on a chair so his feet were off the floor.  So after I stopped laughing, I walked over to the spider and attempted to end its existence to protect poor “B”.  I mean that is what my job is, to protect. I ended up knocking the spider down on the floor and “B” refused to put his feet on the floor until we found it and finished the job.
Then there was the time that “J” and I were hanging in the garage at shift change.  It was raining outside we stood inside and talked about what had happened the night before while he worked. I wanted to know what after math I might have to deal with once the sun came up. Anyway, as we stood there talking, I noticed something moving along the wall. It was too big to be a mouse, so it had to be a rat. I pointed it out to “J”. He walked over to where I was standing and stood slightly behind me, “where?” he asked as he stood there.  I grabbed my flashlight out of my duty belt and walked over to where it disappeared in the wall. “It went into that hole here” I said as I shined my flashlight into a small hole. I turned around and found “J” standing in the back of a pick-up truck looking white. He wouldn’t come down until I promised I would protect him.
My partner “M” was working late one night, I had gone home an hour before. He walked into the garage to get a soda out of the machine. While he was putting the money in, he saw something run past his feet. He looked down and saw a small mouse.  Now he’s not afraid of mice, and I could just imagine his face as he smiled and thought “Awww…. He’s cute.” But as he reached to push the button on the machine, he wondered why the mouse would come so close to him, it wasn’t normal. He stood up and looked to the left, the way the mouse had just come. There coiling itself about 10 feet away was a copperhead snake. “M” decided his soda wasn’t worth it and took off out of the garage as quickly and safely as he could.
While I love laughing at the guys I work with, this post wouldn’t be fun unless I said something that embarrassed me, so here you go.
We had gotten a call for a suspicious condition.  The caller had said they saw someone near their barn.  So off we went to check it out.  We aren’t afraid of the dark.  We are big and bad and we carry flashlights and guns. We climbed out of our cars and we started walking around the barn. My flashlight was low on the ground, I have learned a lesson from this, and I just didn’t see it until it was happening.  As I walked through the door of the barn, I walked right into a huge spider web. We are talking gigantic, and I felt like I had been swallowed up in it mass. 
Anyone who has walked into spider web understands the feeling of that thin gossamer filament of the spider’s web. It tickles and it sticks… to EVERYTHING! So as I walk through the spider web, my first thought other than Oh SH*T was – where is the spider?   Who cared where the suspicious person was? All I wanted to know was where the spider was and how I could get all this sticky stuff off me.  My partner stood there and laughed as I frantically jumped up and down, basically freaking out trying to dust myself off and search for something crawling over me.  I had the heebie jeebies for the rest of the night and every tickle I felt, I imagined was the spider finally come out to take revenge on ruining his hard work.
So… next time you see a police officer and you notice how professional they are, how upstanding that area to be, just remember they are human and they scream, hide and run when they are scared too!
Thank you again for allowing me to visit!  


Currently I work full time as a Police Officer for a small township is Southeastern Pennsylvania. While my current position is that of a patrol officer, I spend a lot of my time doing investigations and crime scene processing.  Forensics is something I love and I take my job seriously.

I am also a wife to a Police Officer and with our constant schedules life can get very hectic in our home. I have been blessed with two children, a son who is currently in the United States Navy and I am very proud of him for what he is doing and for putting serving his Country. My daughter is a priceless princess who loves to help me market my books to teachers and other parents while she is at school and church.

When I am not working the job that currently pays all the bills I work on my business. Yes, I have my own business too.

I have two Shiloh Shepherd dogs, Garda and Callie. They are a bit different than the standard German Shepherds most people are use to. They are larger and less aggressive and they have more fur!  Man do they have fur!!!  Garda has a face that resembles a wolf, which makes me love him even more. (You can see by my photo that I wear a wolf pendant). Garda actually means “The Guardian” in Irish. It is also the name of the Irish Police.  Rather fitting for our family of officers don’t you think?

In my spare time…I write.


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