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October 18, 2011 Guest Post 4

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Hey everyone!
I am going to be hijacking blogger lift for this week! I’m a dirty rotten thief and I stole the blogger lift feature to have a special birthday post. So everyone can come and say Happy Birthday to me. Just Kidding! This week blogger lift is featuring Jessie from Remarkable Reads!

Thank you so much Jessie for joining me today! Let’s get to know her: (and happy belated birthday to her!)
1.- In Between Writing and Reading What do you like to do? 

     I love hanging out with friends and family.  I’m also still attending school so I do a lot of homework and studying but, I wouldn’t count that as something I like to do 😉  I love the water, cold weather, sunny days, the beach, and a lot of other stuff.  I’m also very into learning about law.

2.- Convince me to join your blog Twitter Style. 140 Characters or less. GO! 

     I talk about Young Adult books, bookstores, and author events.  What else would you want to do with your free time?  Go check it out!

3.- A Candy. A TV show. A season.

     Nerds.  Pretty Little Liars.  Winter.

4. Since today is my birthday, can you share with us your favorite birthday memory?

     My Birthday was actually 2 weeks ago!  I’m not sure what my favorite birthday memory is but, when I turned 7 I had 17 girls sleep over my house and it was quite a night! 🙂

5. What is the coolest Halloween costume you have seen?

     Coolest, I’m not sure but, the homemade ones are really cool.  I’ve seen oompa-loompas, Ketchup and Mustard, and even Garbage Cans! 

6.What is the best advice you can give to new bloggers? (Something that you wish you had known when you started)

     I only started a few months ago but, try not to ask authors for ARCs or Finished copies.  Try asking the publisher and if they don’t reply, you could even ask the author to forward your request but, try not to ask the author.  I just found out that authors are only given a few copies of their book for friends and family and they have to buy any other copies full price.  If you ask them for books, they might wind up spending more than they’ll ever make off their book.

7. If we had a book blogger talent show, what would you be doing?

     I’m not sure.  Stacking up hundreds of books before they fall down? 🙂

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Thank you to Jessie and Jude for letting me take over Blogger Lift this week! Go check out their blogs! 🙂

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