Review- The Birth of Jaiden by Jennifer Malone Wright (blog tour)

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The Birth of Jaiden by Jennifer Malone Wright
Paperback288 pages

Published April 1st 2011 by Jennichad Books
Age Group: adult
Source: blog tour
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Summary (from Goodreads)

Long ago, a prophecy was foreseen. A child would be born, a child who held the power to destroy the world. Now, it is up to Alexander Lucas, a one-hundred-year-old vampire, to keep the baby girl safe from his arch enemy Malcolm. In order to save her, Alexander must raise the child as his own. Will he be able to resist his vampire tendencies to care for a human baby? With the help of the wisest of the supernatural, an organization called The Great Council, Alexander must face many battles to ensure the safety of this very special child.

I have been back and forth on this book. I wasn’t quite sure what exactly to talk about in the review or what to rate it. Normally I have a good list of specifics that I want to bring up, after reading a book.

But after reading The Birth of Jaiden, I found that I didn’t have such a list. I just had some vague impressions. I enjoyed the book, and I would love to read more by Jennifer Malone Wright. The plot was really interesting and there was a lot going on, but for some reason I wasn’t completely drawn into this book.

I was kind of neutral towards most of the characters, and I think that is what threw me for a loop. Normally I can pick out who I love and who I dislike, but here I kind of felt the same way towards a bunch of the people. It could have been because there were a lot of central characters and not too many secondary ones. Everyone played a pretty big role in the story. I will say I was not a fan of how quickly Alex liked Isabel. I would have liked to see more build up there. But I did love to read about their interactions later on in the story.

The book is right around 300 pages, but so much is going on that it feels a lot longer. I liked that about it- I love long books. However, some parts of the book felt a little choppy and confusing. It jumped around from character to character because there were so many people involved and a few sub-plots that I become confused a few times and would have to re-read parts. This is not a book that you can passively read. But once you really get into the meat of the story, it is really interesting!

The Birth of Jaiden certainly deals with some dark themes, so be prepared for that. These are not happy vampires, that’s for sure. It can be quite heavy at parts.

I was intrigued the whole time I was reading The Birth of Jaiden though. I wanted to know what was going to happen. On a final reflection of the book, I thought it was good. I would like to see more from this author in the future.

3/5 Gavels.

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